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Today is Thursday, September 29th 2016
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Sense For Deaf Blind People

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About Sense

Sense was established over 50 years ago and is the leading national deafblind charity. Thanks to pioneering methods, Sense try to help deafblind people to live, learn, and reach their full potential in society. Deafblindness is one of the least understood disabilities, with over 100 different causes including premature birth and genetic disorders. People who are deafblind face immense challenges in their lives, but with the help of charities such as Sense, their journey through life can be assisted in a way for obstacles to be overcome. With an estimated 248,000 deafblind adults in the UK, of which 4,000 are deafblind children, your donations will help them to live the lives they deserve.

Where the money goes?

The generous donations provided by the general public help Sense to support children and adults who are deafblind with expert advice and information as well as specialist services. Sense also provide support for the families, carers and professionals who work with deafblind people and those with sensory impairments. Sense offer skilled assessments and the best ways to help child to learn and develop through working patiently with each individual. They listen, counsel and support in partnership with other service providers to help deafblind people to communicate, getting around safely and living independently.