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What You Get

  • A beautiful display card.
  • A selection of cards to send with each gift.

About Send a Cow Gifts

Send a Cow was the first UK charity to offer virtual gifts as part of its fundraising efforts back in 2001. It has over 20 years experience helping some of the poorest families in Africa to become farmers and live off the land. By giving resources such as livestock, seeds and tools, and providing training in sustainable farming, families learn how to help themselves escape poverty for good. With their unique Pass it On principle and multiplier effect an additional 10 people will go on to benefit from every gift bought.

The recipient of the gift gets :

  • A beautiful display card showing how your gift will help in the real world.
  • A seed paper cow bookmark which you can plant and watch grow. Made from seed paper, this cow can be soaked overnight and then planted the next day - eventually your cow will turn into a fragrant herb mix!
  • A selection of cards to send with each gift with its own personal message.
  • The great feeling knowing you care enough to help them help others!

Send a Cow Gifts in Action

Send a Cow History

Send a Cow is a Christian charity which was formed in 1988 by a group of farmers from the UK who were touched by the plight of people in post-conflict Uganda - so much so that they sent cows to families in need to help get them back on their feet. The charities help in nine countries in Africa by running sustainable agricultural programmes providing assistance to small-scale farmers in overcoming poverty and malnutrition.

Send a Cow help by providing training in sustainable farming and resources such as:

  • livestock
  • seeds
  • and trees.

The scheme is an ongoing process as all families helped by Send a Cow pass on an offspring of their animal to another family, so more and more families are getting milk to drink, crops to eat, and money to pay for schooling. The money you spend with Send A Cow is great as for every family they help directly, another 9 go on to benefit.

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  • What are the final delivery dates for Christmas?
    Final date for postage of cards is Sunday 18th December.

  • If I miss the post can I still shop with Send a Cow?
    Yes eCards can be ordered up to the day.