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  • A welcome pack with photos of your sponsored child and their family
  • A guide to how sponsorship works
  • Writing materials & tips on what to write
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Your Sponsorship Can Help

Your sponsorship can give children the opportunities they need to make the most of themselves - starting with the basics. Over time these children can become healthy and educated young people with the power to transform their communities.

As part of your sponsorship you will receive a welcome pack with details of the sponsored child's family and community, so you can get a wider sense of their situation. This profile will also let you see the types of projects you are funding around the world and illustrate how Plan helps empower communities to meet the needs of all children.

You can also arrange with Plan to visit your sponsored child's community to see first-hand the projects your generosity has helped to fund.

About Plan

Plan International are a community development organisation that enable families in the world's poorest countries to make lasting improvements to their lives. Whilst working in 49 developing countries across the globe, Plan International help transform lives in a powerful and uplifting way. By helping to teach and build for the future, vulnerable children around the world are given the chance to grow up to be become key members of their communities.

  • Plan work in the areas their help is needed most. They work in countries where one out of five children die before the age of five, and the ones who survive often go hungry and have little chance of ever learning to read and write.
  • Plan works with children, their parents, and their community, to plan practical ways to provide many of the things we take for granted in the UK. This means that together they build schools, drill wells, get nurses trained and help families to better support themselves.

Where Does the Money Go?

Funds raised through sponsorship and donations help to provide the essential food, water and medicine required to aid the children of the world's poorest areas. Thanks to your help, Plan International can continue to offer hope to children across the globe and make the possibility of a new life a reality.


  • How much of my money goes towards the actual work carried out?
    At least 80p in every pound goes towards Plans developmental work. The rest will go an admin and organisational fees which are essential to keep the charity running.
  • Can I choose the child I sponsor?
    You can choose to sponsor a girl or a boy, which country they are from and also their approximate age.
  • Will I have any contact with the child I sponsor?
    When you sign up you will receive a welcome pack which will include a picture of your child plus lots of information about them and their community. You can also send and receive letters and photos with your child so you can really see how your money is being spent.