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Today is Sunday, September 25th 2016
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  • £3 a month buys training for a midwife in Liberia
  • £5 a month buys enough needles and syringes to vaccinate 2,400 children
  • £10 a month buys enough chlorine for 24,000 litres of clean water
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About Merlin

Merlin was founded in 1993 by Dr. Christopher Besse, Nicholas Mellor and Mark Dalton, 3 friends who decided to create a specialist charity to work overseas in disaster zones. Since it's beginning, Merlin now work in 39 countries across the globe dealing with humanitarian emergencies including the Iraq war, the Indian Tsunami, the Haiti earthquake to name but a few high profile cases. Merlin has over 5000 members of staff, serving the world's most vulnerable people.

Where does your donation money go?

On average, 96p of every pound donated is spent on working programmes, that's only 4p on administration and advertising. In 2009, Merlin spent £44.1million across 19 countries on their programmes, with the majority of money raised coming from institutional donors such as the European Commission and the United Nations. Their work on the flint line is invaluable across the glo