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Today is Wednesday, September 28th 2016
Health Lottery

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  • 20p from each tickets goes to local health causes.
  • Match five balls from 50 to win the top prize of £100,000
  • Prizes are not shared.
  • Match 3 balls to win £50
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About Health Lottery

The Health Lottery will make a difference to many people across Great Britain by funding local health causes. Buy your ticket online and you will also be able to check results, read the latest lottery news and info, plus a whole lot more.

The Health Lottery is not a national lottery but actually consists of 51 society lotteries, each one representing a local authority area. Each society takes turns participating in the lottery draw, so this means each week different regions across the UK are represented and every area gets their fair share of the funding.

When you put all this together The Health Lottery is set up to make a real difference in your community, wherever you live in the UK.

Terms and Conditions
You must be 16 or over play or claim a prize and to play online you need a GB registered bank account.