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Why Donate?

  • Make a real difference to youngsters living on the street
  • Help provide safe rooms for young people
  • Provide funds for counseling and support, training and careers advice and essential life skills
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About CentrePoint

Centrepoint was first established in 1969 by the vicar of St Anne's church, Ken Leech, in Soho, London. Disturbed by the number of young people sleeping rough in and around the Soho area, Mr. Leech opened up the basement of his church to become a temporary shelter for those living on the streets. Things have certainly changed since 1969, with Centrepoint helping up to 825 people a day at any one of their 33 service centres across the UK. By providing homeless people with shelter, support, education and training, Centrepoint's tireless work within local communities offer real hope where once there was none.

Where Does the Donation to Centrepoint Go?

Thanks to your donations, Centrepoint are able to offer young people the chance to rebuild their lives for a better future.

  • Centrepoint help over 800 people every day across the country, whilst also providing over 290,000 nights homeless accommodation each year.
  • By providing all the relevant support and advice, not to mention beds, Centrepoint is a place for the homeless to feel safe.
  • Once in that environment they can then to begin to pick up the pieces and start to plan for a new life thanks to Centrepoint's training, development and counseling.

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