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Today is Monday, September 26th 2016
Barnardo's Child Sponsorship

from £15.00 a month

What you get

  • Follow the progress of your sponsored child or young person on your own personalised website.
  • Get regular feedback and updates from the child and their project worker giving you a unique insight into how your monthly gifts are making a real difference.
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    Barnardo's Child Sponsorship

    £15.00 a month

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Barnardo's Child Sponsorship Explained

Thousands of children and young people are living difficult childhoods, facing real challenges such as homelessness, poverty, abuse, disability and lack of education. Barnardo's can support these youths in need with your help.

Children throughout the UK are desperate for help to turn their lives around. If you believe that every child deserves a good start in life then child sponsorship is for you.

Where does my my money go?

95p out of every pound received goes directly on work with children. You're £15 a month donation will be making a real difference straight away, providing your sponsored child with :

  • A dedicated project worker to provide 1-to-1 emotional support, advice and guidance.
  • The chance to recover and move on through professional therapy, support groups and specialist workshops.
  • Access to services that help transform children's lives such as homework support, vocational training and essential life skills.
  • Support for as long as they need help.

Why Sponsor a Child with Barnardos?

Sponsoring a child costs just just £15 a month - that's less than 50p a day. To put that into perspective it's cheaper than a bottle of water or even a chocolate bar.

  • Your support is desperately needed. This is the UK's first child sponsorship programme where all children helped are based in your country. Help to tackle the real issues that children are facing here in the UK.
  • You'll get real feedback from your sponsored child You will get your own website where you can keep track of how your sponsored child is getting. You will also get updates through the post where your sponsored child will keep you up to date on how you are helping turn their life around. They will also send you a lolly stick character they made especially for you. It represents who they are, because to protect each child Barnardo's can't share real names or real photos.