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Today is Thursday, September 29th 2016
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  • Be part of a movement of 3 million like-minded people worldwide to stop human rights violations
  • Receive Amnesty Magazine 4 times a year to see how your donations help to protect human rights

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About Amnesty International

For over 50 years Amnesty have campaigned for the release of people imprisoned solely for their peacefully held beliefs. With over 3 million supporters in more than 150 countries, Amnesty International actively fight the corner for people with little hope. Plus over 7,800 local, youth, specialist and professional groups, Amnesty are the world's largest human rights organisation.

Amnesty International spend donations from people like you by promoting awareness of human rights through education programmes and opposing abuses by campaigning and lobbying governments.

Where the Money Goes

Amnesty International is completely independent from any government or organisation, both politically and financially. The majority of it's funding is derived from membership contributions and various fundraising activities. Thanks to your help, Amnesty will continue to fight for the human rights of those who have none, and endeavour to put an end to injustice across the globe.

By donating you will be :

  • Making a stand for humanity and human rights across the world.
  • Helping to release people imprisoned for their peacefully held beliefs.
  • Defending those standing up for human rights where they are denied.
  • Support Amnesty's educational programmes in the UK.
  • Stand up for the rights of women and girls.