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Nov 17 2013

Estimates suggest that nearly 4.5 million people have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan and the body count is now over 3000 people with many more feared dead.

The coming days and weeks are going to be crucial with hundreds of thousands of people without food, water or shelter. Some families are already drinking contaminated well water and this means the threat of malnutrition and disease is high. The need for emergency aid is huge and Oxfam is urging we all act now.

According to the latest estimates, nearly 4.5 million people from 36 provinces have been affected and over 10,000 people are feared dead since Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in the Philippines on Friday 8 November.

Donate to Oxfam Phillipines appeal now

Oxfam has an experience team on the ground in the Philippines and is working with local partners who will be joined by emergency experts that have flown in from around the world.

everely hampered and this makes getting to the most remote areas extremely challenging. Oxfam’s team is doing its best to reach the worst hit areas and begin a response.

With help from your donations, Oxfam will provide clean drinking water, sanitation and shelter to half a million people that have been affected by the typhoon. The aid agency says it will provide plastic sheeting and tents which should provide basic protection from the elements as well as distributing household water filters which can purify dirty flood water making it safe for washing and cooking. Oxfam also plans to install pop up toilet facilities which are quick and easy to erect.

Oxfam has begun to send out urgently needed supplies to the Philippines from its UK warehouse including sanitation equipment, soap, hygiene kits and water. Please donate something today to help support the effort.

Image Courtesy of Oxfamr

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World Vision Says Access To Safe Education Key To Ending Child Marriage

Oct 27 2013
child marriage_250x250_scaled_cropp

Next month the British Prime Minister David Cameron will attend the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting. Many heads of state attending represent countries where child marriage is common and still a big problem. Based on current data an astonishing 142 million girls will be married over the next decade ending 2020.

“The British government has rightly been outspoken about the growing problem of violence against women in conflict. Being married before your eighteenth birthday, often to someone very much older, is another form of violence.” David Thomson, Head of Policy at World Vision UK, said

Since the world recently celebrated International Day of the Girl it is important we begin ensuring that child marriages become a thing of the past and is at the forefront of the conversation.

Child marriage is a worldwide problem that cuts across countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities. According to research from World Vision, education is important in delaying the age of marriage for children. World Vision says that in emergency environments which are fragile, parents genuinely believe early marriage is the best way to protect their daughters. The only alternative available is access to safe education.

Many families use child marriage in conflict areas to protect daughters, and children are married when those daughters no longer have safe access to education. In places such as Somaliland and Niger this is usually at the end of primary school between the ages of 10 to 15.

Early marriage is a structural from of violence because it produces low levels of education which means a reduced economic status for the girls who are the subject of this violence.

Many parents feel anxiety about the sexual security of their daughters which means that girls who are no longer in school are likely to be forced into marriages to prevent so called immoral behaviour in cultures where pre marital sex is considered shameful.

“You will be insulted as a girl if you are not in school and you are not married. People will think you have a bad character.” (16 year old girl, Niger)

In Somaliland parents and daughters alike said the threat of sexual violence and rape is heightened by food scarcity and drought. Girls who had to walk to school were at particular risk. Many families have been forced to move away from villages to better grazing grounds in response to drought. This means girls were no longer able to school accompanied by their friends and the risk of sexual violence was much higher.

Image Courtesy of World Vision

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Greenpeace Urges People To Help Stop Fracking Now

Oct 17 2013

Recently the UK government said that nearly two thirds of the country could be opened up for fracking. Unsurprisingly many people got angry and there were a ton of protests that sprung up all over the country.

Clearly there is a lot of anxiety around the new technology which seeks to find hydrocarbons through hydraulic fracturing aka fracking. People want to tell energy companies that injecting chemical cocktails and horizontal drilling underneath their homes is not wanted and any attempt at fracking is trespass and violation of the law.

According to the Not for Shale legal block, without either a statutory provision or permission, fracking companies who drill underneath homes would be breaking the law. According to the group, common law explicitly states that homeowners rights extend to underneath the property and if you are someone who rents the same rights also apply as tenant unless the lease agreement says otherwise.

Whilst there are no specific laws which prohibit fracking underneath people’s homes, the energy industry has been lobbying hard for the government to introduce one. What the industry wants is for the government to supersede the rights of individuals so that companies need not seek permission to dill under homes.

Since the government may well end up changing the law it is crucial for people to act now. That is why the more people who join the legal block the harder it becomes for companies to drill under houses and ignore the law. Join the Not for Shale Legal Block

Image Courtesy Of Greenpeace

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Amnesty International Celebrates First Year Anniversary In India

Sep 26 2013

Amnesty International India is celebrating its one year anniversary operating in that country. The team got off to a flying start in India and it been really amazing to see the kind of progress they have had mobilizing and working with ordinary people across the country.

Just to break out some statistics, nearly 65,009 people have signed a petition and added their voices to Amnesty’s call for the abolition of the death penalty and the campaign has received some high profile coverage in the media.

The flagship campaign of the India office is the campaign for justice in Sri Lanka. The campaign has so far seen as many as 2 million people express their outrage at the government of Sri Lanka for failing to investigate alleged war atrocities during the civil war which ended just four years ago.

Amnesty has also campaigned against abuse by law enforcement offcicals in the conflict prone region of Jammu and Kashmir. The education team has fanned out across the country and is working with lots of education establishments to bring the concept of human rights into the class room.

“My school is in a slum area. So there are many parents who are uneducated. They don’t know about human rights. If we give some knowledge about human rights, so it gives some meaning to them.” Mohsina, Al-Azhar School

It’s been quite a year as we are sure you will agree, so please join us at Donation4Charity in helping Amnesty International celebrate its first year in India as part of a global family

Amnesty International, PUC! by Giovanni Hashimoto, on Flickr

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Oxfam Escalates Syrian Crisis To Category 1

Sep 6 2013
Oxfam Logo

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) the there has been a dramatic escalation in the Syrian refugee crisis which is engulfing not just Syria but destabilizing other countries in the region.

There has been rapid increasing in the number of people fleeing the Syrian civil war to camps in neighboring countries. The numbers do not include those people who have fled and sought shelter at camps within the border. The UNHCR estimates that within Syria nearly 4 million people have been displaced and the scale of the crisis is enormous with no end in sight.

In response Oxfam has raised its Syria Crisis response to a Category 1 emergency. The escalation is not meant to generate publicity. What it means is that on the ground humanitarian teams which between them have decades of experience dealing with various types of emergencies have said given the scale of human suffering and the complexity of the situation, the response by Oxfam and other organizations needs to be at the highest level. Category 1 is a crisis level which means that internally Oxfam staff need to show priority to Syria related work.

To put category one in perspective, Oxfam very rarely raises disaster to that contignecy level and the last time this decade it has done so was during the Asian Tsunami in 2004. The scale of that emergency was revealed by footage which prompted the UK public to show unprecedented generosity, donating nearly £1 million per hour in the immediate aftermath of that disaster.

Other Category 1 crisis are just as important but tend to get overlooked such as the East African food crisis in 2011-2012. The reasons for that are complicated and this is the case with Syria without horrific illustrations that define the crisis and crystallize civilian situation in that country.

UN data can fill the void and help illustrate the extent of the human tragedy unfolding which goes to show the extent of the crisis which is huge. If you would like to donate to Oxfam Syria appeal just click on the link

Syria is a pool of blood and the world watches by FreedomHouse, on Flickr

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Sign up for Oxfam Emergency Challenge

Jul 29 2013
Oxfam Emergency Challenge

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to respond to a disaster, Oxfam UK is offering you the chance to take part in their ‘Emergency Challenge’ for a first hand experience. The charity are now looking for teams of four individuals to be challenged on a variety of skills that you would have to master in an emergency scenario.

The Emergency Challenge will be taking place on Saturday 2nd November 2013 at Wellington College, Berkshire, with the teams being tested on their mental, physical and strategic strengths as they deal with five different emergencies in –

  • Water
  • Food
  • Sanitation
  • Shelter
  • Security

Oxfam spokesperson, Tom Holloway, said –

Emergency Challenge is a fantastic team building and personal development opportunity that also provides the chance to network with other businesses. It’s a completely unique event and directly linked to the rapid response work that Oxfam is renowned for. The money raised will help save lives in real-life emergencies worldwide such as Oxfam’s work around the current crisis in Syria.

Various teams from across the country will be taking part, would you like to be one of them? This would make a great team building exercise for your company or even just a group of friends. All entries must be over 18, and a minimum of £1,600 is the required donation per team, so £400 per man.

All the funds raised from this amazing challenge will go toward Oxfam’s amazing work in regions like Syria, where over a million refugees are in desperate need of help due to displacement. Oxfam’s frontline staff aim to help over half of those in need of food, water and shelter in the coming months, but the money that is raised through this challenge will allow them to help more people quicker.

There will be be over 60 teams battling it out on the day to see if they can handle an Emergency Challenge. If you think you can, simply click on the link below to register your interest in this amazing initive.

> > Click here for more information

Last year alone, Oxfam had to deal 47 emergency responses in 31 countries, something that requires kind donations from the general public. If you would like to help fund this imperative lifesaving missions, check out our dedicated charity page for more information on how you can help save the lives of people across the globe.

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London Irish Tackling Hunger in Malawi with Concern Worldwide

Jul 23 2013
James Sandford in Malawi

It was great to see London Irish rugby player James Sandford get involved with some charity work for Concern Worldwide when he recently visited Malawi. The team are now an official partner of the charity, and aim spread the word amongst the rugby fraternity of the great work Concern put in to help some of the world’s poorest people.

Concern Worldwide CEO, Tom Arnold, said –

Concern is delighted to be partnering with such a great sporting team as London Irish. The club has a strong following internationally but firmly retains its Irish roots, and so it is with Concern. Here we have a fantastic opportunity to speak to rugby supporters and to share with them the difference they can make in the lives of those less fortunate. I look forward to a successful and engaging association with the club in the future.

Tom was pleased to be part of the work that Concern were doing in Malawi, and jumped at the chance to visit their overseas programmes to let the club know exactly what was happening from the front line. He received an amazing reception wherever he visited, and could certainly see why Malawi is know as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’.

Whilst he was there, Tom had the pleasure of meeting a farmer called Frank, who lived in a small, isolated village selling small amounts of firewood to survive. Thankfully Frank was chosen to be part of Concern’s livestock programme, and was delighted to recently receive a sheep. When the animal had lambs, Frank was able to sell them at the market and also keep a few, giving him the chance to feed and clothe his family. These small charity gifts purchased by people like yourselves literately change people’s lives. People like Frank.

Malawai is one of the world’s poorest countries, with over half the population living below the poverty line, with more than 45% of Malawi’s children malnourished. If you would like to make a difference to someone’s life today, check out our Concern Worldwide page for more information on how your small donation can go a long way to helping turn someone’s life around.

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Spend £25 for Free Delivery at RSPB Shop – Offer ends 05-07-13

Jun 21 2013
Free Delivery with RSPB

Great news emanating from our friends at the RSPB shop, where you can now receive free delivery on all your goods when you spend £25 or more. Simply order online before midnight on Monday 5th July 2013 to enjoy this great offer –

  • Add voucher code - T13ITH0036
  • Free delivery on £25 plus spend
  • Offer ends 05/07/13

They are also offering loads of different gifts with up to 50% off, including rucksacks, bird feeders, kitchenware, notebooks, toys, and loads of other amazing goodies. 150 Suet balls are only £19.99 instead of £25.50, whilst a 5.5kg of table is is now available at half price when you spend over £35.

So why not save yourself some serious cash and help the RSPB with every purchase you make. Your purchase provide much needed funds to help the RSPB to protect the amazing birds and countryside of Great Britain.

> > Click here to order online

Another way help the RSPB is to purchase a membership, meaning you can gain entry to over 100 different nature reserves across the country. They make the perfect charity gift for nature enthusiasts.

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Join KidsCan for Their Manchester to Chester Bike Ride

Jun 5 2013
Join KidsCan for Their Manchester to  Bike Ride

If you love a bit of super cycle action, why not sign up for the KidsCan Manchester to Chester bike ride and help raise some much needed funds for the children’s cancer research charity?

This awesome event will be taking place on Sunday 23rd June 2013, and starts at Platt Fields Park in Manchester and finishes at The College of Law near Chester. The course is some 53 miles, and will travel via Lymm, Comberbach and Kelsall as you race through the glorious British countryside in aid of children who are battling against cancer.

KidsCan Fundraising Manager, Holly Bond, said –

We are all extremely excited to be participating in the Manchester to Chester bike ride for the first time this year and are asking people to support us and take on the challenge. Whether you’re an accomplished rider or complete beginner, this challenge is ideal for all abilities, and a great way to spend a Sunday with your family, while raising money for a great cause.

The charity themselves recently celebrated their 10th birthday, and what better way to join in the celebrations than to take part in this amazing bike ride. All participants will be provided with everything they need in a fundraising pack to help them with their efforts, so if you are interested, why not click on the link below to find out more information on how you can help children to fight cancer.

> > Click here for KidsCan bike ride

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Jaro – Helping Charities to Raise Money Through Technology

Jun 1 2013

Jaro is a brand new game that will help to raise millions of dollars for some of the world’s most deserving charities. It is the brainchild of Anthony Farah, who came up with the vision whilst studying economics in High School.

His dream was to see how the world could be changed for the better if everyone on the planet gave $1 to those that couldn’t. Jaro is being run by Vivant Ltd, a digital marketing company in Sydney, Australia, with the aim to help charitable causes through digital engagement.

The game itself is billed as a ‘numeric battleship’, which was conceived simply by Anthony looking at the keypad on his phone. Over five years, Anthony and his team worked on various different ideas and concepts to create the ideal platform to engage the player, and help raise money for charities across the globe.

Their aim is simple –

to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the world’s most deserving charitable causes.

They already support –

  • WSPA Australia
  • WWF UK
  • MacMillan Cancer Support
  • Great Ormond Street
  • British Red Cross
  • Plus many many more…

Every person that plays Jaro can even choose which charity they want to contribute to, which will make the world of difference to people’s lives who desperately need our help. To find out more about this amazing cause, simply click on the link below to find out how you play the game and how you can be part of what is sure to be a global phenomenon.

It’s the perfect blend of fun, strategy and reward.

> > Click here to learn more about Jaro

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