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Coldplay Tweet adds Support to British Red Cross Chile Appeal

UK band Coldplay added some much needed weight behind the British Red Cross‘ Chile Earthquake Appeal on the 2nd March 2010. In these days of fast technology, it’s become easier and easier to reach huge audiences with nothing more than a few words, and this is what they did when they sent a tweet out to their fans.

Coldplay currently have 2.5million people following them on Twitter, and within minutes of dropping their tweet, literally thousands of their fans flocked to British Red Cross website wanting to donate to the Chile Earthquake Appeal.

Coldplay tweeted –

Two million people have been affected by the earthquake in Chile – donate towards the Red Cross’s relief work at

This small nugget of information flew round the world so quickly that it led to a huge spike in traffic for the Earthquake Appeal, leading to a 400% increase in hits in just 15 minutes!

Coldplay, who are currently touring in South America and were recently performing in Sao Paulo, Brazil, said –

the band have been extremely saddened by reports of the terrible earthquake which hit the country on 27 February 2010.

As you can see, the power of twittering is a worldwide phenomenon that is an excellent way to reach millions of people at the touch of a button. Many of the charities we feature on D4C have Twitter feeds, (as do we) so if you’d like to find out more click on the links below to view our extensive charity Twitter list and also to follow our charity blog and keep up to date with all the latest news, reviews and views.

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The British Red Cross has immediately transferred £50,000 from their Disaster Fund to their counterparts in Chile following the initial earthquake. This was no mere tremor, measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale with over 120 aftershocks. Aerial assessments of the overall damage are taking place, with public service announcements being provided on how to react to aftershocks and appealing to the public to donate blood.

If you would like to make a donation to the British Red Cross Chile Earthquake Appeal, please click on the link below.

> > Click here to make a donation to the Chile Earthquake Appeal

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Charity Twitter List – Charities Sign Up to Twitter Revolution

Many charities across the globe have signed up to the micro blogging site Twitter. Founded in San Francisco back in 2006, the web service is fast becoming a global phenomenon with 55 million visitors a month and (at time of writing this post) a staggering monthly growth of 1382% – that’s a lot of Twittering! The service is not only great for keeping people in touch with each other but also for charities as it’s a fantastic way to keep supporters in touch with all the latest developments and news that can be posted globally with a touch of a button.

The user / charity can post a micro blog or ‘Tweet’, a text based, 140 character description of what they are doing or thinking about at that precise moment. Twitter account holders can ‘follow’ other members who interest them, and receive ‘followers’ themselves, who will be able to read and comment on every ‘tweet’ posted. This is great for charities as it not only informs people who are interested in their activities, it guarantees a captive audience as people have to opt in to follow their updates. Links can also be added to the ‘tweet’ to direct ‘followers’ to news stories with more information on the given subject if they choose to.

Celebrities and politicians have embraced the Twitter technology to such an extent that usage increased by 43% during the USA national elections, with campaigns and ballot updates being posted in ‘real time’ to keep voters up to date on all the latest news. Though with goofy actor Ashton Kutcher being the most followed Twitter user on the planet with over 1 million subscribers, you can’t account for taste!

More and more charities are signing up to Twitter as a fresh and innovative way to keep followers up to date with news articles and their ongoing work. We at donation4charity and charity gifts have also embraced the world of Twitter and you can follow us here :

Every blog post that is added on this website is instantly linked to our Twitter feed, so as soon as we add an article you will be informed instantly. So if you like reading our blog and would like to receive instant notification of when a new post is added, then simply follow us on Twitter for all the latest charity news and views  straight to your account.

Our team has also signed up to run / jog / wheeze our way round the Cancer Research 10K Run at Althorp Park in Northampton, so you can also be kept abreast of all our the latest training regimes and strict dietary requirement, or the lack of them. Don’t expect shares in Subway to fall too rapidly though!

Below is a list of other charities that have Twitter accounts and their address so you can follow them (original source : Econsultancy charity twitter list).

If you would like your charity Twitter account to be added to this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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