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The Twelve Days of Christmas Charity Gifts

There is nothing more festive than a bit of snow and opening the first door in your Advent Calendar (I’m 32 – thanks Mum). So as I whistled the 12 days of Christmas to myself this morning I thought I would do the 12 Days of Christmas charity gifts! Having done a bit of research on the actual meaning of the song, it turns out that the first day of Christmas is in fact … Christmas Day. Makes sense I guess when you think about it.

But never let the truth get in the way of a good story. So over the coming 12 days the Donation4Charity team will be picking 12 Christmas Charity Gifts for you to give to your loved ones, trying to keep as close to the actual song as possible.. not as easy as you may think! So …

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me … Tiny Trees from Practical Presents for £18.00

It may not quite be a partridge in a pair tree but the fruit of the baobab tree provides three times more vitamin C than an orange and more calcium than spinach, helping to prevent a wide range of ailments in third world countries.

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Say it With Trees Not Flowers This Mothers Day with Practical Presents

If you’re looking for a special gift this Mother’s Day, why not show your mum just how much you care by choosing an unusual charity gift that she’ll love? Practical Action offers a number of fantastic Mother’s Day gift suggestions with their charity alternative gift scheme Practical Presents.

These feature a wide range of inspirational ideas which have far reaching benefits for other mums and families in the developing world. Rather than buying a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates this year, why not choose one of these amazing gift ideas-

  • FLUFFY DUCKS – £10
    Ducks provide nutritious and tasty eggs whilst they can also be bred and sold to help generate income for poor families in Bangladesh.
  • TINY TREE – £15
    Saplings can be used to create trees that to help provide fruit and essential Vitamin C and calcium to keep children in Sudan healthy and well nourished.
    Just one single goat can give families in places like Kenya and Zimbabwe an all year round supply of milk and cheese to keep children healthy and happy.
    When rain have destroyed fields and homes, these clever rafts made from hyacinth allow families in Bangladesh to grow fresh vegetables all year round.
    In the Peruvian Andes, alpacas are not just a source of milk and wool but a fully fledged member of the family!

All theses presents are available in a presentation gift pack via the post or an e-card, the perfect option for those last minute gift ideas.

Practical Action’s New Initiatives Executive, Paul McQuaid, said –

Practical Presents are a fun and affordable way to show your mum that you’ve really put some thought in to what to get for Mother’s Day this year.  They’re a great alternative to all the usual flowers and toiletries, and by getting practical with your present, you’ll be making a huge difference to another mum’s life somewhere in the developing world too.


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