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Donate to Oxfam Philippine Crisis Response

Estimates suggest that nearly 4.5 million people have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan and the body count is now over 3000 people with many more feared dead.

The coming days and weeks are going to be crucial with hundreds of thousands of people without food, water or shelter. Some families are already drinking contaminated well water and this means the threat of malnutrition and disease is high. The need for emergency aid is huge and Oxfam is urging we all act now.

According to the latest estimates, nearly 4.5 million people from 36 provinces have been affected and over 10,000 people are feared dead since Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in the Philippines on Friday 8 November.

Donate to Oxfam Phillipines appeal now

Oxfam has an experience team on the ground in the Philippines and is working with local partners who will be joined by emergency experts that have flown in from around the world.

everely hampered and this makes getting to the most remote areas extremely challenging. Oxfam’s team is doing its best to reach the worst hit areas and begin a response.

With help from your donations, Oxfam will provide clean drinking water, sanitation and shelter to half a million people that have been affected by the typhoon. The aid agency says it will provide plastic sheeting and tents which should provide basic protection from the elements as well as distributing household water filters which can purify dirty flood water making it safe for washing and cooking. Oxfam also plans to install pop up toilet facilities which are quick and easy to erect.

Oxfam has begun to send out urgently needed supplies to the Philippines from its UK warehouse including sanitation equipment, soap, hygiene kits and water. Please donate something today to help support the effort.

Image Courtesy of Oxfamr

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Oxfam Escalates Syrian Crisis To Category 1

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) the there has been a dramatic escalation in the Syrian refugee crisis which is engulfing not just Syria but destabilizing other countries in the region.

There has been rapid increasing in the number of people fleeing the Syrian civil war to camps in neighboring countries. The numbers do not include those people who have fled and sought shelter at camps within the border. The UNHCR estimates that within Syria nearly 4 million people have been displaced and the scale of the crisis is enormous with no end in sight.

In response Oxfam has raised its Syria Crisis response to a Category 1 emergency. The escalation is not meant to generate publicity. What it means is that on the ground humanitarian teams which between them have decades of experience dealing with various types of emergencies have said given the scale of human suffering and the complexity of the situation, the response by Oxfam and other organizations needs to be at the highest level. Category 1 is a crisis level which means that internally Oxfam staff need to show priority to Syria related work.

To put category one in perspective, Oxfam very rarely raises disaster to that contignecy level and the last time this decade it has done so was during the Asian Tsunami in 2004. The scale of that emergency was revealed by footage which prompted the UK public to show unprecedented generosity, donating nearly £1 million per hour in the immediate aftermath of that disaster.

Other Category 1 crisis are just as important but tend to get overlooked such as the East African food crisis in 2011-2012. The reasons for that are complicated and this is the case with Syria without horrific illustrations that define the crisis and crystallize civilian situation in that country.

UN data can fill the void and help illustrate the extent of the human tragedy unfolding which goes to show the extent of the crisis which is huge. If you would like to donate to Oxfam Syria appeal just click on the link

Syria is a pool of blood and the world watches by FreedomHouse, on Flickr

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Sign up for Oxfam Emergency Challenge

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to respond to a disaster, Oxfam UK is offering you the chance to take part in their ‘Emergency Challenge’ for a first hand experience. The charity are now looking for teams of four individuals to be challenged on a variety of skills that you would have to master in an emergency scenario.

The Emergency Challenge will be taking place on Saturday 2nd November 2013 at Wellington College, Berkshire, with the teams being tested on their mental, physical and strategic strengths as they deal with five different emergencies in –

  • Water
  • Food
  • Sanitation
  • Shelter
  • Security

Oxfam spokesperson, Tom Holloway, said –

Emergency Challenge is a fantastic team building and personal development opportunity that also provides the chance to network with other businesses. It’s a completely unique event and directly linked to the rapid response work that Oxfam is renowned for. The money raised will help save lives in real-life emergencies worldwide such as Oxfam’s work around the current crisis in Syria.

Various teams from across the country will be taking part, would you like to be one of them? This would make a great team building exercise for your company or even just a group of friends. All entries must be over 18, and a minimum of £1,600 is the required donation per team, so £400 per man.

All the funds raised from this amazing challenge will go toward Oxfam’s amazing work in regions like Syria, where over a million refugees are in desperate need of help due to displacement. Oxfam’s frontline staff aim to help over half of those in need of food, water and shelter in the coming months, but the money that is raised through this challenge will allow them to help more people quicker.

There will be be over 60 teams battling it out on the day to see if they can handle an Emergency Challenge. If you think you can, simply click on the link below to register your interest in this amazing initiative.


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Festival Stewarding with Oxfam UK

If you’re an avid festival goer, have you ever thought working as a steward at an event through Oxfam UK? It’s a great way to help raise donations for the charity, as the festival organisers make a donation for every steward that Oxfam provides, and with 4,000 places at 15 festivals, you could be part of raising almost £1million.

Being a steward at a festival can be great fun, and also a fantastic way to meet new people and provide a friendly service for attendees. The majority of the time you will answering questions, giving directions, and working alongside the security staff to ensure everyone is safe and having a great time.

There’s a great selection of festivals to choose from, with places still left for –

  • Boomtown Fair     07 Aug to 12 Aug
  • Boardmasters     06 Aug to 12 Aug
  • Shambala     21 Aug to 26 Aug
  • Leeds             21 Aug to 26 Aug
  • Reading     21 Aug to 26 Aug
  • Bestival     04 Sep to 09 Sep

Glastonbury and Latitude are already full, but come on, Boomtown Fair and Bestival will be much better than Glasto in my humble opinion! You need to attend training to learn a few tricks of the trade, be over 18 years old, and have a good command of the English language. A deposit is required of £205 to secure your training place, which is completely refundable when you finish your festival shifts.

Simply click on the link below to apply for this amazing chance to work at some of the best festivals in the country, whilst helping to raise much needed funds to aid Oxfam UK’s life changing initiatives across the globe.

> > Click here to apply online

If you would like to learn more about the fantastic work Oxfam perform across the globe, or would even like to purchase a virtual charity gift for a friend our a loved one, check out our dedicated page to find out how you can help people less fortunate than ourselves.

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Live Below the Line with Oxfam UK

Do you think you could live on just £1 of food a day, for FIVE days?! This is the challenge that Oxfam UK are setting people to help them raise much needed funds in their new ‘Live Below The Line’ Campaign to make a difference to the lives of those effected by poverty.

This amazing new fundraising campaign is a innovative way to help raise awareness in the fight against extreme poverty. By challenging the people of the UK to live off just £1 per day, they will be experiencing the same hardship as up to 1.4 billion people worldwide every day. This will hopefully help them to see what it’s like on the other side, and help them to make a meaningful change in their lives.

More than 20 times the population of the UK live every day in extreme poverty. By taking part in this truly testing challenge, you will be helping Oxfam to make a real difference. The money you raise will go a long way to providing things like water pumps, community vegetable gardens and helping children back to school. Together, we can fight poverty and by taking part in the Live Below the Line initiative, you will be helping to raise awareness to this great cause.

> > Click here to sign up to Live Below the Line

If you would like to help Oxfam in another way, why not purchase a charity gift from our Ethical Collection range? There’s a great selection to choose from, with 100% of the profit from each gift going back to help poor communities that are living in poverty. Together we really can make a difference.

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Oxfam Trailwalker 2012 – 14-15 July

The Oxfam UK Trailwalker 2012 is just around the corner, for those that want to take part in one of the most grueling challenges imaginable! This epic experience will see teams of 4 travel 100km in 30 hours, do you have the mental fortitude and physical stamina to take part in this awesome charity event?

Last year’s participants raised over £1.5million for the Oxfam charity, which is quite a feat before taking into consideration the task in hand! Originally started by the Queens Gurkha Regiment 30 years ago, this was once used as a training exercise to test soldiers’ stamina and ability to work within a team.

The Trailwalker Challenge first kicked off in 1981, is now held in 11 countries across the globe, and has so far raised an astounding £45million to help Oxfam overcome poverty. If you would like to take part, simply click on the link below to order a brochure today to find out more information on this once in a lifetime charity experience.


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Donate Unwanted Christmas Gifts to Oxfam UK

If you’re sat looking a pile of unwanted Christmas gifts this new year, why not donate them to an Oxfam charity shop and help raise much needed funds this 2012? I think we all get a few things that we don’t actually want/like, I know I’ve got a scarf that’s never going to be worn, so why not make the most of these brand new items and donate them to charity.

Charity shops are always running a little low on stock after the post Christmas blitz, so why not do your bit, whilst tidying the house, and raise funds to help Oxfam’s amazing work fighting poverty across the globe. Items that would be of great use to the charity include –

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Homeware
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Games

The new year is the perfect time to have a clear out at home, so why not be part of something amazing by taking your unwanted items to an Oxfam UK store. Simply click on the link below to find your nearest shop and help raise funds to keep Oxfam’s life changing projects worldwide ongoing…

remember, one man’s rubbish, is another man’s treasure.


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International Women’s Day – 08-03-12

Oxfam UK are asking you to come together on Thursday 8th March 2012 to celebrate International Woman’s Day. First started in the early 1900’s, the annual day of celebration was first started in Russia to mark the changing roles of females in society.

Why not register this year and help raise much needed funds for Oxfam UK by taking part in Oxfam’s International Women’s Day celebration? Get the girls together and help women in the world’s poorest countries to build a better future for themselves and their families by holding a –

  • Dinner party
  • Clothes Swap Event
  • Pampering Evening
  • Cake Sale

Of the 1.3 billion people living in poverty across the globe, more than two thirds of them are women. With blinkered attitudes towards females denying them basic rights, whole communities are falling further into poverty and it needs to be stopped before it’s too late.

Thousands of people will be hosting events for Oxfam on International Women’s Day, so why not become one of them and know that the money you raise will change the lives of women around the world. Simply click on the link below to register for a fundraising pack that is full of helpful hints and tips on how to make your event is a success. Whatever you raise, the money makes a huge difference to the women who need it most.

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Double Your Donation for Oxfam UK with Big Give – 05-12-11

Oxfam UK is asking for your help and support the Big Give appeal on Monday 5th December 2011, where your donation will be DOUBLED! Last year saw a massive 15,000 donations get doubled, raising an astounding £9.3million in total.

You donations will help children like Fatima, who you will see in the video below needs donations to help her to attend school to build for a better life.

With your donations being doubled, Fatimata’s chances of going to school for the first time will also be doubled. Your donations will also go towards helping –

  • repair classrooms
  • training teachers
  • building school toilets
  • build wells closer to schools

So by making a donation from 5th December 2011, Big Give will match your charity gift donation pound for pound as part of their Christmas Challenge. Going to school may seem like a right to the likes of ourselves, but to children like Fatimata, it’s a life changing opportunity.

Simply click on the link below to make a donation to support the Big Give Christmas Challenge, and get the chance to provide double the aid for children who need it the most.

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Support Oxfam Uganda GROW Campaign

Oxfam UK is asking for your continued support for their GROW campaign, which is now helping people in Uganda that have been forced from their homes to make way for a timber plantation. Up to 22,500 people have been displaced, many without enough food or money to send their children to school.

Help support the cause by clicking on the link below and adding your voice to thousands of others who want justice for the displaced people of Uganda. A letter will be sent to the chairman of the New Forests Company, Robert Devereux, asking for a full investigation into reports of intimidation and harassment.

Make a stand today and support the people of Uganda.

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