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Last Minute Gifts From FARM-Africa

Not enough time left to buy Christmas gifts? FARM-Africa PRESENTS are instant gifts that require no packaging and no postage, so you’ll protect the environment by using less wrapping paper and help farmers like Marietta to protect eastern Africa’s forests.

Send a last minute gift from FARM-Africa – saves your bacon and saves the environment!

Marietta lives on the edge of the Nou Forest in Tanzania.  She used to earn a pittance collecting firewood, which she burnt to make charcoal and then sold. But after years of logging, the forest is under threat, leaving Marietta with no chance of providing for her children.

When FARM-Africa started training people in her community how to earn a living from beekeeping, Marietta was very keen to begin a new way of life that also lets the local forest replenish. Now, thanks to their project and her hard work, Marietta can feed and clothe her children, as well as sending them to school – all through selling her honey at market.

Send a FARM-Africa PRESENTS beehive to a friend or loved one and they’ll get their name up in lights with a personalised e-movie showing them how your donation on their behalf is really changing the lives of farmers like Marietta in eastern Africa.

Africa’s forests are at risk due to increased population and demands on natural resources. In Ethiopia only about 2% of the original forest cover remains. Tanzanian forests are also fast depleting. Deforestation has a serious impact on wildlife and reduces water flow from the forests to downstream users. The situation is even more precarious as forests provide a major source of income for millions of poor people.

FARM-Africa’s Community Forest Management work enables forest-dependent people living in Ethiopia and Tanzania and other affected areas to work with local authorities to develop sustainable management plans for the forests.  This gives communities real responsibility for protecting their forests.  In return, forest communities are allowed to use the forests’ natural resources in a sustainable way, making use of natural products such as wild coffee, spices, medicines and honey.

Send a FARM-Africa PRESENTS beehive this Christmas and you’ll be helping both forests and families in Africa.

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On the Tenth Day of Christmas my True Love Gave to Me…..

Right, we may have taken things a bit too far with our 12 Days of Christmas today, but if you think it’s easy finding a link between Ten Lords a Leaping and a Christmas Charity Gift you are very much mistaken my friend! But try we did, and as it’s the season of wine, good food and violent stomach cramp, why not try this out for size…

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Banana Beer from FARM-Africa for just £25

We’re pretty sure it’s not only the Lords that will be leaping this festive period from too much ale! But did you know that in Tanzania, Banana Beer is very popular and a fantastic way to use banana crops to sell on to the breweries? The money gained is then used to purchase school books and medicine for families in desperate need of a helping hand.

The Recipient will also get –

  • a personalised film or photo gift pack showing their FARM-Africa PRESENT in action
  • a memorable gift AND donation to FARM-Africa!

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A Gift That Gives Twice This Easter from FARM Friends

If you are looking for a gift that’ll last longer than a chocolate egg this Easter, a FARM-Friends chicken is just the answer. For just £10 you receive two gifts in one, as when you purchase this charity gift you will receive :

  • A cute model chicken
  • A pack of ‘happy families’ cards explaining how your donation is helping African farmers work their way out of poverty.
  • An innovative and exciting gift idea

In rural Tanzania over 70% of children will follow in their parent’s footsteps and become farmers, yet practical agriculture is not part of the school curriculum. FARM-Africa’s agricultural and environmental education project teaches children skills at school that will enable them to farm successfully.

One of the ways FARM-Africa do this is by providing the schools with chickens and coops. The children then learn how to care for the chickens. The main benefits of this project are the new skills which the children can share with the rest of their family, as well as a much improved diet thanks to the protein rich eggs.

Help to farm Africa with a perfect Easter gift for your friends and family!

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Give Your ‘Honey’ a Bee This Valentine’s Day with FARM-Africa

FARM-Africa are asking their supporters to ‘give their honey a bee’ this Valentine’s Day and help them to continue changing lifes in Africa. For only £15 the lucky recipient will receive a model bee, charity gift pack, plus information on how the money raised is helping people less fortunate.

FARM-Africa help farmers like Raphael in eastern Africa. Raphael lives in the Nou Forest, Tanzania, with his wife, three sons and three daughters. He has always used the forest as his main source of income, sourcing and selling honey to others in his village. He used to harvest honey from traditional log hives that were set high up in the trees. The hives were very hard to access and produced little honey. The demand for honey in his village was growing but he could not produce enough to keep up.

Raphael became a member of the Mkombozi beekeeping group, which was set up in 2008 by FARM-Africa. He was shown how to improve his honey production using langstroth hives and modern beekeeping techniques. The new hives are easier to use and mean Raphael is producing enough honey for his family, as well as surplus to sell in his village. The money he earns helps buy essential goods such as food and water for his family.

So why not ‘get buzzy’ and bestow on your honey a bee from FARM-Africa this weekend, and help more farmers fight hunger and provide for their families.

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Help Africa Today With FARM-Africa FARM FRIENDS

FARM-Africa works with farmers, herders and forest communities in eastern Africa. Communities in the Nou Forest, Tanzania, depend entirely on the forest for survival, often cutting down trees to burn for firewood or to make space for crops.

FARM-Africa has been helping people to explore new ways to earn a living which protect rather than destroy the forest. With their help, the long term participatory forest management approach has enabled community members to increase their income through improved management of resources.

By providing bee hives and training to families in the Nou Forest, FARM-Africa is giving the people of Nou Forest an alternative, sustainable way to survive without damaging their environment. The honey harvested is an excellent food source, and can be sold at markets and used for medicine too.

If you are looking for an exciting alternative gift for a loved one, why not buy a bee with FARM-FRIENDS charity gifts from FARM-Africa? A charity gift Bee is an interesting and cute present for young and old, and for just £10 you will receive a –

  • toy Bee
  • fun gift pack
  • happy family card explaining how your gift will help families in Africa

The ‘happy family’ card explaining some of the ways your donation is helping African farmers work their way out of poverty. It’s the gift that keeps on giving…

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This Easter give a Farm Friends chicken rather than an egg

FARM-Africa works with poor communities in eastern Africa, helping them to produce more food to feed their families. We want to make sure future generations don’t have to depend on handouts of aid.

Since 2003 FARM-Africa has helped farmers in Rakai, Uganda to rear chickens more productively. They have received training on how to feed and look after the birds to maximise breeding potential and egg production, as well as forming a Chicken Breeder and Marketing Association.

Consumption of eggs has quadrupled, resulting in improved nutrition. And increased income through the sale of chicken and eggs pays for healthcare and enables children to attend school.

Families are now investing in their future rather than depending on handouts.

This Easter, why give an egg when you can buy a FARM FRIENDS chicken at

When you buy this charity gift you will receive :

  • a cute model chicken
  • a pack of “happy families” cards explaining some of the ways your donation is helping African farmers work their way out of poverty.

Help to farm Africa with a perfect Easter gift for your friends and family!

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