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Last Minute Christmas Gifts From Cows n Things

Cows ‘n’ Things is the virtual gift scheme run by the charity Age UK. This specific group is designed to help the most disadvantaged older people overseas to get the things they really need. You can buy a charity gift for a friend or loved one online in minutes, plus with the ecard they make the perfect last minute present, after all, we’ve all forgotten to add someone’s name to Santa’s list before!

There’s a great selection to choose from, including –

  • Chickens
  • School books
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Goat
  • Tools
  • Fruit Tree
  • and many more…

There’s fantastic gift ideas are not only an interesting and innovative present for someone special in your life, but also provide the funds to help older people support themselves in some of the world’s poorest countries. Whatever your purchase, Cows ‘n’ Things will ensure your that then money raised from your gift will make a difference where it’s needed most…

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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On the Ninth Day of Christmas my True Love Gave to Me…..

Today’s 12 Days of Christmas link was slightly more difficult than the others, after all, I’m not sure how many charities offer Nine Ladies Dancing as a gift, unless Heidi Fleiss is now working for a different organisation! So after much soul searching, we have decided that, instead of ladies dancing…

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… 20 chicks from Cows’n’Things for just £7.

Can you see what we did there? Bit cheeky isn’t it? Chick/Ladies?! Anyway, before we get too Benny Hill on this fine festive morning, let’s just explain what this Christmas Charity Gift offers. 20 Chicks not only provide a great source of food, but also the ability to sell the surplus eggs for money or trade at the local market.

The Recipient also receives –

  • A personalised eCard or you can choose to receive a gift card in the post that you can send yourself or deliver in person!
  • The money from the gift you choose will greatly improve the lives of older people overseas.

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A Cow is for Life – Not Just for Christmas!

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary, you’ll find a Cows ‘n’ Things gift for every occasion at Cows ‘n’ Things. From cattle, to chicks, to goats, or even an entire house, you can buy gifts that will transform the lives of older people overseas.

Cows ‘n’ Things is an ethical gift scheme, run by Age UK, designed to help the most disadvantaged people in later life overseas get the things they need – which is cows and things. We work in partnership with our sister organisation, HelpAge International, to support older people in more than 40 developing countries.

Whether it’s a cataract operation that can restore sight, a two room house that can shelter an older person and their family, or a cow that can provide milk and extra income, there are many ways your charity gift can help disadvantaged older people overseas.

It’s a fact that the world’s population is getting older – yet few governments or aid agencies target people in later life. Approximately 100 million older people in developing countries survive on less than 60 pence a day. Older people are often ignored, neglected and discriminated against, even though they’re the ones keeping families together when communities are decimated by conflict, HIV, famine or drought.

Your gift won’t just go towards supporting an older person and restoring their pride, it will have an affect on future generations too. If you buy a cow, or any of our gifts, we will pass it on to an older person in a developing country so they can support themselves and their family.

It might be hard to hide and even harder to wrap, but buy a cow from Cows ‘n’ Things and you could change someone’s life, not just their Christmas.

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Cows’n’Things Fantastic Flight of Fantasy

Now the phrase ‘lol’ aka laugh out loud, has got a bit of stigma attached to it at the Donation4Charity HQ, due to it’s regular appearance at the end of many people’s written sentences in this day and age. In some ways the ‘lol’ has taken the place of the common garden full stop in some people’s vocabulary!

But what literally did make me LOL was this brilliant little video from Help the Aged Cow’n’Things. Maybe I’m starting to get a bit full of the old festive cheer, but seeing what this cow gets up to during a hard day at work (and play!) certainly had me chuckling to myself, he’s my hero!

I love cows that fly planes, play darts and drinks pints, none of this grass only diet for my kind of four legged friend!

But on a more serious note, a Cows’n’Things virtual gift is a great way to help transform the lives of disadvantaged older people in developing countries across the world. There is a wide variety of gifts to choose from that will greatly improve an older person’s life in difficult circumstances.

So why not choose a present that keeps on giving this Christmas and surprise someone with a charity gift from Help the Aged Cows’n’Things?

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