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Christian Aid UK Calling for Climate Justice

Christian Aid UK are asking for your support in asking the world’s governments to help their fight against Climate Change. With many of the globes natural disasters being linked to climate change, now is the time for major multinational companies to declare and cut their carbon emissions. With the current Conservative government claiming to be the ‘greenest’ ever, now has to be the time for them to stand up and join the Christian Aid stance against Climate Change.

The natural disasters across the globe must be seen as a huge wake up call for world leaders to help stop Climate Change and a make difference before it’s too late. You can add your voice to the cry by clicking on the link below and asking your MP to the secretary of state for the environment and call for action on climate change.

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Christian Aid Supporter Day – Wednesday 20th October 2010

Don’t forget it’s the Christian Aid UK Supporters Day in London on Wednesday 20th October 2010. This is by far the biggest day in the Christian Aid calendar, with more than 2000 supporters coming together to rally and worship at the Methodist Central Hall and Parliament in London between 11am-6pm. Those speaking include –

  • Christian Aid Director Loretta Minghella
  • Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP
  • Indian Vasudha Foundation Partner Srinivas Krishnaswamy
  • Council for the Churches of Zambia Suzanne Matale

and special guest speaker the Reverend Jesse Jackson

There will also be a number of workshops about major campaigning issues, followed by a walk to Parliament to lobby MP’s about key human rights issues. There are already 370 constituencies signed up, so there will be a great range of MP’s to speak to about the Christian Aid cause. So if you’re in the area, why not pop in and find out what’s going on in what will be one of Christian Aid’s biggest rallies of the year.

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Trace the Tax with Christian Aid UK

Christian Aid UK is calling for your support to ask why poor nations are currently missing out on an estimated $160bn in tax revenue because unscrupulous corporations hide their financial transactions. Due to a global culture of financial secrecy, many countries are losing more money in tax revenue that could be spent on health and education, than the international aid they receive.

This ‘missing’ money could help bring millions of people out of poverty and help pay for the basics that many poorer people struggle to obtain.

Spokesperson for Christian Aid partner INESC in Brazil, Eliana Graça, said –

It’s a question of justice. If a company is in a country and uses its human and natural resources, it’s only fair that part of the fruit of that labour should stay in that country – that the company should give something back.

Why not show your support to Christian Aid’s call for greater financial transparency that will help end tax dodging. Simply click on the link below to sign up and help poor countries and their citizens trace the taxes they’re owed sooner rather than later.

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Christian Aid UK call for Climate Justice

Christian Aid UK is asking for your help to demand the government take immediate action on climate change. Across the globe there is the constant reminder of how climate change is effecting the world’s people. With the floods in Pakistan and the food crisis in Africa, climate change is truly effecting the world’s most vulnerable people, and unless something is done now, more natural disasters are imminent.

This December Caroline Spelman, the Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) will be announcing whether the government will making it mandatory for UK companies to report their carbon emissions to an agreed standard. This will force businesses to invest in a low carbon future and help the UK greatly reduce their gas emissions, the main cause behind global warming.

With natural disasters across the globe becoming more frequent and intense, now is the time for us to call on the government to make a united stand against climate change at the source, and not just through support and rehabilitation after the event. Join Christian Aid UK in calling on Caroline Spelman to ensure we know the true carbon footprint of the UK, and that an effort is being made to genuinely reduce the countries emissions…

your voices need to be heard.

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Christian Aid UK Supporter Day 20-10-10

Christian Aid UK will be holding a supported day on Wednesday 20th October 2010, where they will we be handing a letter to David Cameron to remind him of his promise that this Conservative government will be the countries greenest ever. The gathering will be held at Westminster Central Hall and Parliament and will feature iconic civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson as guest speaker.

Reverend Jackson said –

We understand that times are hard, both in the US and the UK, but we are still better off than our neighbours in the developing world. We are reminded that Jesus teaches us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and shelter the homeless. Jesus reminds us that when we feast, we should invite the poor and injured. So while we fight for jobs and peace and justice in the US and the UK, we must remember to keep hope alive for our brothers and sisters in Africa, in the Caribbean, in South Asia, and all those in need around the world.

Christian Aid will be asking the Prime Minister to demand that UN climate change talks are put back on track and back deliver a better system for the the world’s poor. Now is the time for change, as if actions are not made soon, it may be too late.

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Actor Nicholas Hoult Visits Slums in Kenya with Christian Aid

The British actor Nicholas Hoult took time out from his busy filming schedule to visit the slums in Kenya to see how the Christian Aid charity are helping to provide the local people with clean water and sanitation. Nicholas, who is also a NSPCC Young Ambassador, was able to see first hand how your donations help make a difference to poor communities across the world.

Projects like the one that Nicholas visited are only made possible thanks to your support and donations, so please do continue to give generously so Christian Aid can continue their tireless crusade to help the world’s poorest people.

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Christian Aid Week – 9 – 15th May 2010

Christian Aid charity week starts on Sunday 9th May 2010 and is a great time for people all over the country to help raise funds to make a massive difference to the lives of some of the world’s poorest people. Christian Aid Week represents an amazing week of activities as people get together to make real and lasting change.

The idea of the week long fundraiser began many years ago as churches’ responsed to the refugee crisis in Europe after the Second World War. Churches from all over the UK got together to send money through partner organisations to help the war refugees, and the aim is still the same, to help people across the world who need it the most.

One of the main initiatives of Christian Aid week is the little envelopes which will be posted through almost 10 million doormats by over 300,000 volunteers. This is the UK’s biggest door to door collection, and raises almost £9 million each year, and almost £1 million in Gift Aid. This year Christian Aid hope to raise over £14 million, and thanks to the thousands of events across the country, not to mention the 22,000 churches working in unison, this figure looks like a realistic target.

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Election 2010 with Christian Aid

Christian Aid UK are appealing to their supporters to make their feeling know this election by contacting their prospective parliamentary candidates and asking them how the would act on global poverty if elected. With so much hype and spin surrounding the pre election banter, now is a great time for your voice to be heard to ask the questions that need to be answered.

Christian Aid will be calling a ‘Mass Lobby’ on Parliament to which you are invited to meet their elected representatives, and you can read their manifesto by clicking on the link below.

This election is the perfect time to show our political representatives that eradicating poverty must feature heavily before it’s too late. The manifesto features 5 key areas that the next government can help to tack let the symptoms and the causes of poverty across the world.

If you want you’re voice to be heard, now is the time to act….

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What Links Tigers, the General Election and Your Future?

If you currently live in a marginal constituency, you have a unique opportunity to be a major influence at the next general election. WWF UK would like to use your influence to help preserve some of the world’s most incredible animals and create a better future for everyone in the country.

You may be wondering what links tigers, the general election and your future, and the answer is climate change. Rising temperatures are putting up to 30% of the world’s species at risk. Tackling climate change not only offers the opportunity to safeguard the wildlife at risk from a warming world, but also to help create a green economy right here in the UK. This could also open up the door for thousands of new green jobs during a time of high unemployment.

This years general election is the perfect opportunity to let your local politicians know that there is public support for action on a greener Britain. WWF UK has teamed up with CAFOD, Christian Aid, Tearfund, Greenpeace, Oxfam UK, RSPB and many other charities to encourage all of their supporters to ‘Ask the Climate Question’. This can be done by

  1. Every time a member of a political party asks whatís important to you, list climate change in your top three issues.
  2. Attend a candidates political meeting with family and friends to quiz them on climate change.
  3. Get involved locally help with this campaign by writing letters to candidates

Marginal constituencies will be closely fought in the country, with political parties taking far greater interest in the views of voters in your area. With the ear of the politicians, now is a great time for you, your family, friends and neighbours to tell them that you are concerned about the future of not just humans, but also the countries wildlife and their habitats due to climate change.

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Help WWF UK with a Charity Gift

The WWF is a non profit organisation who can only sustain their tireless work in saving the planet and its inhabitants through donations. You can help raise funds through the WWF Adopt an Animal scheme.

From as little as £3 a month you receive a certificate, a print of your animal, a greetings card, and a soft toy that would make a fantastic charity gift for a loved one.

> > Click here to Adopt an Animal with WWF UK

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Christian Aid London to Paris Bike Ride – 21-25 July 2010

Christian Aid UK supporters will once again be dusting off their bicycles for the London to Paris Bike Ride wich takes place between 21st-25th July 2010. The route really is the journey of a lifetime, taking in 300 miles of stunning scenery along the way and a Tour de France finale at the end!

Maybe you would like to take part yourself and help raise much needed funds for Christian Aid’s tireless work across the globe? Last July Christian Aid’s riders raised a massive £280,000, and this year they are hoping to raise even more.

Applicants will receive, along with an unforgettable trip –

  • Newsletters and emails
  • Exclusive Christian Aid training T-shirt
  • Training and nutritional advice
  • Fundraising pack
  • Celebratory evening meal in Paris

The bike ride is open to all levels of cyclist, and even though you will be riding for up to eight hours a day, there with plenty of breaks along the way. Registration is £99 with a minimum sponsorship of £1,100 per person. So if you would like to help raise funds for Christian Aid via a truly once in a lifetime experience, this is a great way to get fit and try something completely different.

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Help Christian Aid with a Present Aid Charity Gift

Present Aid gifts represent a donation to Christian Aid’s life changing work in areas of poverty and crisis. So not only will you put a smile on a loved ones face, but you will also be making a big difference to families who need your help.

A charity gift can start from as little as £8 with a huge range of gifts to choose from, including –

Each Present Aid gift comes with a beautiful card illustrating how their choice of present will work in the real world and help transform the lives of poor people worldwide.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving…

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