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Students Raise £9,000 for Centrepoint Charity

A massive congratulations to the students of Bacon’s College, who managed to raise a whopping £9000 for Centrepoint in December 2012. The school, based in South East London for 11 to 18 year olds, took part in a number of interesting and hilarious fundraising ideas, including –

  • Sponsored detentions
  • Cake Sales
  • Spice Girls Impersonator

Plus twelve 6th form students and two teachers took part in Centrepoint’s ‘Sleep Out’ at the Exchange Square in Broadgate to get a real feel of what it is like to spend a night sleeping rough on the streets.

Centrepoint’s relationship manager, Martyn Paré-Hall, said –

The students demonstrated an inspiring talent, determination, imagination, energy and commitment, in the true spirit of giving. Taking their inspiration from the story of Centrepoint young person, John, students recognised the plight of other young people like themselves, but are homeless and took this message to heart and out to their families and friends.

Well done to all those that took part in this amazing fundraising idea, £9000 is a fantastic amount to raise just by one school. This money will now be used to aid Centrepoint’s quest to help people off the streets, and to give them all the assistance they require to keep them of the streets.

If you would like to learn more about Centrepoint’s work on the front line helping young homeless people, check out our dedicated charity page for more information on how you too can provide funds to keep people from living on the streets.

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Help Centrepoint Rebuild Ealing Facility

The Centrepoint charity is asking for your help as they attempt to rebuild one of their most used hostels. The Ealing branch is now in a state of disrepair and in need of a huge makeover to rebuild the hostel and continue to help young people’s lives.

Centrepoint is looking to raise just over half a million pounds to make a full repair of the Ealing hostel, which is a huge focal point of local vulnerable people who need a safe place to stay when their options are few.

Service Manger of the Ealing hostel, Dione John-Baptiste, said –

We’re incredibly proud of all the young people we’ve helped over the years to find jobs, places in education and homes of their own. But as more and more come through, it’s increasingly difficult to provide a positive space they can respect as their own. To become independent young people need a place they can feel at home – not part of an institution. Please help us make these vital repairs. Every penny will bring us closer to ensuring the Ealing hostel continues helping young people long into the future.

The Ealing hostel is home to up to 18 young people at a time, but has become run down and is in need of structural repairs throughout the building. Let’s hope everyone can pull together to help provide young people with a safe place stay, alongside access to education, employment and to move on to independent living.

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Centrepoint Concert with Jamie Cullum

The Centrepoint charity are pleased to announce that Jamie Cullum will be performing for just 100 lucky people at the Chappell of Bond Street in London on Tuesday 1st December 2011. The gig, to commemorate the Chappell’s 200th anniversary, will be compered on the night by DJ Mark Goodier and will see an audience of just 100 enjoy Jamie’s mix of classic and eclectic pop jazz.

Drinks and canapés will be served all night, with all money raised going directly to help Centrepoint continue their outstanding work in helping young homeless people back onto their feet.

Tickets are £100 each, so to be in with a chance of securing one, simply email the Centrepoint events at to see if you are going to be one of the fortunate 100 guests at this special one of gig. Good luck!

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Ebay Unwanted Presents with Centrepoint and Give the Homeless Hope

The Centrepoint charity are asking you to donate any of your unwanted Christmas presents to their special ebay page. With over a quarter of a million people putting gifts up for sale each year, up to two million unwanted presents are listed on the trading website by December 27th each year!

Centrepoint’s page on eBay is specifically for your unwanted Christmas presents, and allows the seller to donate as much or as little of their sale to the charity. You can choose between 10-100% of your profit to go towards helping homeless young people towards a brighter future, and lets face it, we all have a few unwanted gifts, still in the packaging, still lying around.

Centrepoint Chief Executive, Seyi Obakin, said:

Selling unwanted gifts on eBay to someone who actually wants them, and in the process helping someone who is genuinely in need is a great concept. The money raised will make an enormous impact on the work Centrepoint does, helping to give homeless young people a future by providing a safe home and the vital support to turn their lives around.

All you need to do is click on the link below to donate any unwanted presents that you have to the special Centrepoint page to start making a difference today.


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CentrePoint – Helping the Homeless Since 1969

The Centrepoint charity has been providing homeless people across the UK with shelter and support for over 40 years. Started in 1969 by Ken Leech, then vicar of St Anne’s church in Soho London, Centrepoint began when Mr. Leech turned the basement into a temporary shelter for the large amount of homeless who slept rough in the surrounding area.

Things have certainly changed since those early days, with Centrepoint now offering a wide range of services to up to 825 people a day at one of their 33 service centres across the UK. Not only do they provide over 290,000 nights of homeless accommodation each year to those living in rough on the streets of the UK, but also offer –

  • Support and Development
  • Health Advice
  • Education and Vocational Training
  • Financial Advice
  • Help in Moving on

You can help provide the UK’s homeless with a bed for the night from as little as 40p a day, with their ‘Sponsor a Room‘ programme. Your donation will help give young people the chance to rebuild their lives for a better future, and help provide Centrepoint with the funds to give support, advice, and of course beds, to the UK’s homeless.

> > Click here to Sponsor a Room with Centrepoint

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