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The Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust

The IDDT was first formed in 1994 to help support not only people with diabetes, but also the partners and parents who have to live with diabetes.

The charity also try’s to help poor children and young people with diabetes, with one of the main problems in developing countries being that many sufferers cannot afford the insulin they need to survive. Daily doses of insulin can help diabetic children grow at a normal rate, but if insulin is unavailable then growth can be impaired. This can lead to sufferers falling into a coma and dying. IDDT help collect all in-date insulin, syringes and blood glucose test strips to send to people in need in both Africa and India.

The Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust is run entirely by voluntary donations and they do not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry in order to remain uninfluenced and independent. With your help the IDDT will endeavour to aid diabetes sufferers not just in the UK, but also in some of the world’s most poverty stricken countries

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