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Special Places with the National Trust

Do you have a special place that means a lot to you? Somewhere that stirs memories, or brings a smile to your face. Maybe even somewhere that you got married, or a place that makes you happy. My special place would be Old Trafford (a bit of a cliché I know!), having spent some of my favourite times there watching my favourite football team, but The National Trust has asked a few celebrities where their special place is, with some amazing results.

Many of the people asked have a deep affinity with National Trust sites, and who can blame them? The National Trust care for some of the countries most majestic manor houses and places of interest, so why not check them out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. For example –

  • Jude Law loves Cliveden House in Berkshire
  • Kim Cattrall is a big fan of Blickling Estate in Norfolk
  • Nell McAndrew love Ham House in London
  • Austin Healey has a special place in his heart for Conwy Bridge

Check out the video below to hear from actor Nick Moran, rugby star Austin and model Nell on why they hold these places in such affection.

Actor Jude Law said –

One of the great scenes of Sherlock Holmes was shot at Cliveden House – It’s such a gorgeous place. I had no idea the National Trust looked after the gardens and grounds there, they are glorious and I love spending time wandering around them. We can rest assured the Trust will look after them for generations to come.

The National Trust survey also showed that four out of five people felt that visiting their favourite place give them a much bigger sense of well being than shopping, and people do love to shop! Over a third of those asked named a place that reminds them of their childhood, whilst 10% named somewhere that reminded them of something romantic.

Everyone has a special place, and maybe you could discover some new ones with a National Trust membership card. This nifty piece of kit will gain you entry to all of the National Trust sites across the country to discover parts of British history that you maybe never knew existed. It’s a great way to not only visit amazing sites, but also ensure the charity can keep them looking majestic for future generations to enjoy.

Photograph of Cliveden House by David Watson

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Help the National Trust Save Quarry Bank

The National Trust is asking for your help to save the historic Quarry Bank Mill, with the charity needing to raise £1.4million to bring the site back to life. Situated in Wilmslow, the mill played a major part in the countries industrial revolution.

Quarry Bank was one of the largest cotton spinning businesses in the country, and now the National Trust are looking to reinvent the site to help provide a new generation with a totally unique experience of what life was like during the Industrial Revolution. They are looking to purchase and restore everything on the site, including –

  • Workers’ Cottage
  • Quarry Bank House
  • Upper Gardens
  • Northern Woods

to help reveal how one of the world’s earliest industrial communities lived. This amazing idea will see the stories of the lives of the mill owners, workers and apprentices, and how Quarry Bank helped shape the countries Industrial Revolution.

If you would like to make a donation to this worthwhile cause, follow the link through to the Quarry Bank Appeal page to make a one off contribution to help restore this amazing, historical site. Without the help of the general public, part of the countries heritage will be lost forever, denying future generations the chance to experience a unique slice of past British life.

For more information on how the National Trust keep Britain great, or if you would like to purchase a membership, check out our dedicated charity page to see how you can help provide funds to restore some of the nation’s greatest treasures.

Photograph by John Millar

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Greenpeace ask Waitrose to Drop Shell

Greenpeace is looking for your support to ask Waitrose to drop their planned partnership with Shell, seen by many as one of the world’s most destructive companies. Waitrose are planning to add Shell petrol stations to their stores across the country, but as we know, Shell are intent on the destruction of the Arctic with their drilling.

Waitrose have built up a very ecological and environmental profile over the years, helping to protect vulnerable fish stock for example. You even receive a token with each shop where you can choose a charity to support as you leave by dropping it in a slot. So why have them teamed up with Shell then?! After making such an effort previously to save the world’s fish stocks, surely they should be choosing the environment over Shell?

Shell recently broke American law when their Arctic Challenger vessel was found to be making four illegal fluid discharges. There plans for Arctic drilling is sure to cause massive problems for the eco system in one of the few untouched natural areas left on the planet. ‘Safe drilling’ is a fantasy in an area of like this, and there is no technology that can clean up the oil spills that are inevitable if Shell continue with their plans.

Greenpeace is asking you to add your voice to there’s to make Waitrose see sense and abandon their partnership with Shell. Simply click on the link below to send a message to Waitrose’s managing director and help save the Arctic before it’s too late.

Together, we can start to make a real difference to the world around us if we all pull together.

> > Click here to sign petition

If you would like to learn more about the groundbreaking work that Greenpeace do around the world, or would like to provide funds to help their cause, check out our dedicated charity page for more information.

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National Trust Launch £1 Million Farming Scholarship

The National Trust has agreed to run an amazing new farming scholarship in Wales, which will see a number of young people given the opportunity to run a £1million site for a year. Every year a young agriculturalist will be given the keys to the Llyndy Isaf farm, which is based on the shores of Llyn Dinas near Beddgelert, to live and manage for 12 months to handle all the day to day decisions and tasks on site.

The 600 acre farm in Snowdonia was saved by a £1 million fundraising appeal by the National Trust, which was supported by Welsh Hollywood actor Matthew Rhys and supported by Catherine Zeta Jones. The farm will now be used to encourage the next generation of welsh farmers to hone their skills at this amazing site for 12 months and learn everything there is to know about the workings of this type of business.

The farm area itself is home to many threatened wildlife species, like kingfishers and otters, and is rated as the best place in Wales to see an amazing array of woodland birds. The farm will now be looked after by the National Trust in partnership with the Wales Federation of Young Farmers Clubs.

General Manager for Snowdonia and Llyn, Trystan Edwards, said –

This is a fantastic opportunity for a young farmer to be allowed to run a farm. With the Trust’s team behind them to offer guidance and support the scholarship winner will have 12 months to make all the day-to-day decisions to successfully manage this iconic upland farm. This initiative will ensure that the successful candidate can build their confidence and develop their skills in stock management, business, and practical management through formal and informal training as well as work experience. Llyndy Isaf is the perfect place to learn about conservation farming and to highlight the many ways upland farmers can work with the many thousands who come to Wales to discover and enjoy the landscape.

More than 20,000 people donated to save this site, raising the £1 million needed in a staggering 8 months! It just goes to show how important a site the Llyndy Isaf farm is, not only for the people, but also for the amazing wildlife that call this area home. Good luck to all the young farmers who will get a chance to run this amazing site and the chance to take on board the day to day lessons of running such a prestigious farm.

If you would like to learn more about the amazing work of the National Trust, or would like to purchase a membership card to visit their UK wide sites, check out our dedicated charity page for more information.

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Help Save British Puddings with the National Trust

The National Trust last month made an amazing effort to save the Great British Pudding, as they back the Government’s call to cut the ‘dessert deficit’. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson urged the British public to choosing traditional British recipes like Spotted Dick and Apple Pie that use home produced diary, over over foreign imports like Creme Brulee and Panna Cotta that use imported diary products.

Get patriotic with your pudding people!

To help support the Great British Pudding, the National Trust offered free desserts thought October 2012 with every lunchtime meal purchased in its cafes and restaurants across the UK. All their puddings were made from local seasonal ingredients to remind everyone just how good we can make a desert, we’re famous through out the world for our pies and crumbles.

Clive Goudercourt, Development Chef for the National Trust, said –

We pride ourselves on baking our own food using the best of British ingredients, many grown on National Trust estates and farms. We hoped our delicious, home-cooked puddings inspired people to choose traditional recipes and celebrate Britain’s best food across the seasons. British, seasonal food is tastier, fresher and more nutritious. It is better value, better for the environment and better for your wallet.

This great offer was available in over 100 locations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It’s great to see charities like the National Trust backing this scheme last month to help Save the British Pudding from extinction. Here’s hoping those lucky people who received a free pudding told their friends to
help cut the  huge dessert deficit in this country and stick by the locally produced apple crumbles, treacle tarts and spotted dick.

If you would like to learn more about the great work of the National Trust, or would like to order a membership for free entry into their sites, check out our dedicated charity page for mow information. Let’s keep Britain great people!

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National Trust See Bluebell Season Start Early

National Trust officials are pre warning visitors to expect a short bluebell season this year due to the exceptionally dry start to 2012 we have been enduring. Last month was the third warmest and the fifth driest on record, meaning that bluebells are likely to peak across the UK over the first two weeks of April.

Due to low winter rainfall, this season’s bluebells could well be smaller, and fewer, than previous years. Bluebells normally peak in a ‘Mexican Wave’ effect, starting in the south west, then fanning out across the UK. But due to this year’s Spring, even this standard effect may change.

Bluebells are normally found in –

  • old woodland
  • thick old hedges
  • bracken-covered hillsides
  • sea cliffs

The National Trust is one of the most important organisations in the UK for bluebells as 25% of their woodland is ancient or semi-natural – the perfect habitats for the flower to flourish. In fact, 50% of the world’s bluebells can be found exclusively in the UK, so if you fancy checking out one of the countries most beautiful flowers, be sure to hit a National Trust area as soon as possible before they all disappear.

National Trust naturalist, Matthew Oates, said –

The warm and dry weather of the last few weeks has sped up the flowering process for bluebells, but the absence of rain means that visitors will need to be quick to see them – it could be a short but sweet season for bluebells, and other classic spring plants like the primrose. The bluebell starts growing in January with its sole purpose to flower before the other woodland plants but in dry conditions the bluebell will flower less, will be less abundant and its growth will be stunted.

Help The National Trust

You can also help raise funds for The National Trust by purchasing one of their memberships, which enable you to visit hundreds of places of natural beauty across the country for free. If you order today you will currently receive –

  • FREE membership for 3 months if you pay via Direct Debit
  • FREE entry to hundreds of historic houses, gardens and country parks
  • FREE car parking at most National Trust sites
  • FREE handbook
  • FREE National Trust Magazine
  • FREE regional newsletters covering events and activities in your area.
  • FREE pair of National Trust binoculars when you join online

Membership are available from less than £4 a month for an individual membership, with Joint and Family memberships also available. So why not help The National Trust keep Britain beautiful whilst opening up a new chapter of places to visit in the UK for yourself and all the family

> > Click here to order a National Trust membership online

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Nation Trust Membership Number Soar

The National Trust are pleased to announce that their membership numbers have now soared to a whopping four million. This also comes at a time when figures show that some 90 million people visit National Trust properties each year in the UK. That’s a lot of visitors!

First founded in 1895, the cost of a membership was 10 shillings, with an initial 100 members. The National Trust first broke the million members barrier in 1981, and by 2002 had reached three million.

National Trust Director, Dame Fiona Reynolds, said –

In England you are never more than 40 minutes away from somewhere looked after by the National Trust. The trust is leading a campaign against the government’s proposed changes to the planning laws. From the smallest sculleries and garden grottoes to towering castle turrets and the wild expanses of Lake District countryside, the National Trust enables everyone to enjoy these beautiful, intriguing and exciting places forever. We were set up 116 years ago to look after special places so that they could be enjoyed by all. Clearly that founding aim remains as relevant today as it was then.

The National Trust now looks after an amazing 300 historic houses across the UK, aongside more than 600,000 acres of land and 700 miles of coastline. To finance the care of these amazing pieces of heritage, £120 million has been raised through memberships in the last financial year.

It’s great to see this worthwhile charity going from strength to strength as it protects some of the UK’s most unique and historic landmarks and countryside.

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Two Children go for Free at National Trust 1-26th August 2011

The National Trust have a great offer this summer for all those people who fancy attending one of their hundreds of amazing spaces across the UK for the majority of the month of August 2011. All you need to do is click on the link at the bottom of this post and download the free PDF which will allow you –

  • Free entry for two children (between 5-16)
  • Between 1st – 26th August 2011
  • Only one voucher per group
  • Not valid on bank holidays or bank holiday weekends

Plus if you order a National Trust membership between these dates you can now receive two months free, so you only have to pay for 10 months instead of 12, brilliant! So if you and the the family are planning on visiting one of the amazing National Trust sites this month, click on the link below and print of the sheet to enjoy two children for free. it really is that simple.

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World Rushes To Help Japan After Country Rocked By Earthquake and Tsunami

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan says the 8.9 magnitude earthquake which ripped through Japan on Friday, generating a tsunami some say was 15 meters high, is the worst crisis Japan has faced since the end of World War 2. The effects have been devastated the north east section of the country and produced fears of a nuclear meltdown at a power station

Currently the confirmed death toll stands at 1,596 people according to Japanese broadcaster NHK, however that figure is likely to increase substantially over the coming days, with police warning that the death toll in the Miyagi region alone will exceed 10,000.

Large numbers of survivors are gathered in emergency shelters, and many are without fresh running water, heat and power.

The situation at the quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant remained grave, a day after an explosion at the nuclear power plant. The cooling systems of two of the nuclear reactors at the power plant have failed following the earthquake, and there are serious fears that both are in danger of melting down, which could have potentially serious consequences for the environment.

On Saturday, a hydrogen explosion blew apart the building housing reactor 1, where technicians had been releasing radioactive steam as part of their attempts to cool the reactor.

The Japanese government says it is likely that the two reactors have already suffered at least a partial meltdown, but since the explosion took place on Saturday there has been no confirmation over the extent of the damage, largely because the plant’s operator Tokyo Electric Power has been unable to view the state of the reactors.

Sea water is being injected into reactors 1 and 3 in an attempt to cool them a last-ditch move that will render the reactors unusable.

The authorities say that radiation levels around the damaged plant have exceeded legal safety limits and tens of thousands of people are being evacuated from within a 20km (12.4-mile) radius. “The current situation of the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear plants is in a way the most severe crisis in the past 65 years since World War II. Whether we Japanese can overcome this crisis depends on each of us. I strongly believe that we can get over this great earthquake and tsunami by joining together.” Mr. Kan said.

The earthquake has been both heart breaking and devastating for the Japanese people, and the world has responded with the The United States, the United Kingdom, China, and South Korea among 69 governments that have offered to provide assistance. A number of rescue teams from around the world arrived Sunday in Japan and are helping lead a broad international effort to bring relief to areas ravaged by Friday’s earthquake and tsunami.

Aid groups such as the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have sent teams to some of the worst-hit areas, including Sendai, Narita, Asahi and Tokyo. Mercy Corps International teamed with Peace Winds Japan to rush aid to affected regions.
The UK has sent a search and rescue team made up of 63 fire service search and rescue specialists. The team also includes medical support staff and two dogs, all of whom are already in Japan, the UK foreign office has said.

Despite the devastation there have been some remarkable tales of survival with the Kyodo News Agency reporting of a dramatic rescue of a 60 year old man that had been swept 15 kilometers out to sea off Fukushima prefecture.

The man, identified as Hiromitsu Shinkawa of Minami Soma, was swept away with his house. Mr. Shinkawa was later spotted floating in the sea, waving a self-made red flag while standing on a piece of his house’s roof.

After being rescued Mr. Shinkaqwa said that he and his wife had been swept away by the tsunami whilst returning home to gather some possessions following the earthquake, with his wife unlikely to have survived.

“I was saved by holding onto the roof,” he said, “but my wife was swept away. No helicopters or boats that came nearby noticed me, I thought today was the last day of my life.”

When a member of Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force handed him something to drink on the rescue boat, Shinkawa drank it and burst into tears, Kyodo reported.

How You Can Help Those in Need In Japan

If you would like to help with the disaster relief effort in Japan there are a number of charities you can support with a charity donation. The terrible natural disaster will have a long lasting affect on the country of Japan so please donate whatever you can.

  • British Red Cross The Japanese Red Cross has been working on the ground since the disaster began, mobilising 86 teams, made up of around 600 doctors, nurses and support staff, to provide first aid and healthcare and assess the damage and needs of the communities affected.
  • Global Giving This fund will support organizations providing relief and aid to victims.
  • Save the Children have launched a £1 million appeal to help families affected by the devastating Japanese earthquake and tsunami. They have a team in Japan and are responding to the needs of children affected by the disaster.
  • World Vision is bringing immediate relief supplies to those left homeless. They are also sending teams to provide help for children who have been traumatised by the double disaster.

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Win a Vintage Morgan Car at National Trust Raffle – Ends 09-05-11

The National Trust is offering up the chance for you to win an amazing Morgan 4/4 classic car in their Croome Appeal raffle. The car itself is an absolute beauty in British Racing Green, with lowered suspension and saddle brown leather interior.

The car itself has been donated to The National Trust from car manufacturer Morgan, and even though this splendid specimen may be old, it can still go from 0-60mph in less than 8 seconds!

Managing Director of Morgan, Charles Morgan, said –

The Morgan Motor Company is proud of its local roots and we are thrilled to be supporting the National Trust in their endeavours to save one of Worcestershire’s historic houses. Our two organisations share the same principles in celebrating heritage, caring for the environment and, of course, giving our customers a great deal of fun.

The raffle is being held to raise money to refurbish the 18th Century Croome Court property in Worcestershire. Each ticket costs only £5, so if you would like to enter, simply click on the link below before the end of Monday 9th May 2011 to try your luck at winning this superb prize. Good luck!

> > Click here to enter National Trust raffle

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