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Help Save The Children And UNICEF By Purchasing A Soft Toy From IKEA

Help Save The Children And UNICEF By Purchasing A Soft Toy From IKEA

Furniture retailer IKEA is conducting its annual Soft Toys for Education Campaign until 19th December from which proceeds from the sale of soft toys will go towards helping fund educational projects all over the world run by Save the Children or UNICEF. Thousands of people entered a competition to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to have their doodles recreated as a limited edition toy which will be sold globally. Ten winners were picked one of whom was Olivia Wildman from Essex who drew a fluffy skunk called Stinky. Stinky joins a wide selection of other toys including a scary dinosaur and tiger amongst others.

More than 80 toys to choose from

The campaign IKEA is running is very simple, for every soft toy, and other children’s item such as books, card games or dressing up clothes sold up to 19th December 2015, the company will donate €1 to support educational programmes operated by UNICEF and Save the Children around the world. There are over 80 toys to choose from and prices start from as low as £1 which means it couldn’t be any easier to help out a child this winter.

The money raised does a lot of good

This year the campaign is hoping to raise €700,000 in the UK and Ireland to add to a combined €77 million that has been raised since the campaign began in 2003. The money raised so far has benefited over 11 million children through 99 projects in 46 different countries. €100,000 is enough to enable Save the Children to provide 35 schools in the Philippines for kids with disabilities gain access to quality and accessible education. With the same amount of money, UNICEF would be able to construct four fully equipped pre-schools in Madagascar which have access to clean water and toilet facilities.

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UNICEF Providing Assistance In South Sudan

UNICEF says it is growing more concerned about the safety of South Sudanese women and children as violence continues in the country and children are at high risk.

According to said Iyorlumun Uhaa of UNICEF South Sudan, roughly 194,000 civilians have been forced to flee their homes and most of those people are women and children. Mr. Uhaa says that because the situation is so fluid the real number of people who have fled is probably much higher.

He added that the most vulnerable in any conflict are always the children many of whom lack shelter from the intense heat of the sun and are forced to sleep out in the open during the cold nights.

There are two UN compounds in South Sudan with the compound in Juba sheltering an estimated 25,000 people and despite intense fighting posing difficulties in reaching civilians seeking in Bor, humanitarian aid is reaching the Juba compound

UNICEF and other agencies are delivering sanitation food and water supplies into various towns around the country. The agencies are building toilets as they seek to bring hygiene and reduce the risk of disease. Emergency health care is being provided at the compounds and UNICEF is providing high energy biscuits for children aged between six months to five years that give the children much need nutrients.

UNICEF and its partners are delivering clean water supplies to camps and setting up tents. The agencies are registering families who have fled and helping reunite parents who have become separated from their children.

“UNICEF and the United Nations are committed to protecting civilians in South Sudan, regardless of their ethnic group, but it is really the leaders of this, the world’s youngest nation, who have the responsibility to protect their citizens and particularly their children. We urge all of the country’s leaders to seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict and avoid further escalation.” Mr. Uhaa said.

Image Courtesy of UNICEF

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Over £100,000 in 10 Weeks on New UNICEF UK Fundraising Website

UNICEF UK are over the moon to announce that their new online giving website, My Fundraising, has managed to rustle up an amazing £105,000 since in launch in March 2011. That’s an astounding £10,000 a week! The new website ensures that 100% of the money you donate or sponsor is accounted for without commission, plus it’s an excellent way to set yourself up online.

It’s easy to set up your page, with simple instructions throughout the process to guide you along. UNICEF supporters that are taking part in numerous weird and wonderful fundraising activities, have found the page really useful. Alongside the bike rides and sponsored walks was the rather unconventional method of fundraising by  17-year-old Joshua Haghani from London, who has managed to raise a staggering £11,000 by reciting the first 500 digits of π (pi) from memory.

Joshua said –

I was hoping to inspire friends and family to make a contribution to UNICEF in support of bringing clean, fresh water to five villages in Malawi, but it turns out it’s me that’s been inspired by how many of you dived in to generously help this cause. Thank you.

If you would like to see how the My Fundraising page works, simply click on the link below to find out more. There’s a great deal of information not just on how to set up your own page, but also of what others are doing to help raise funds for the children’s charity.

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100 Million Children Living on Streets say UNICEF

UNICEF charity officials have released startling figures that show some 100 million children are living on the world’s streets. The majority of the number sleeping rough are from the developing world. The majority of these poor souls ages range from 5 to 17 years old, with many of them begging to survive.

In South Africa alone there are some 13,000 children living and working on the streets. The South African government has now launched a new national strategy to comply with the Children’s Act, aimed at caring for street dwellers and their needs for shelter, medicine, food and education. With many of the children roaming the streets alone, this has seem many of them fall into drugs, crime and prostitution, simply as a way to survive the daily pitfalls of life on the street.

South Africa’s Minister of Women, Children and People with Disability, Lulu Xingwana, said –

The strategy also ensures that children who may be addicted, children who may still be very young and even those not so young get relevant care.  We have to act to those problems.

Those in South Africa who are identified as problem children will be placed in special programmes to help them recover from the undue stress and suffering they have found from living hand to mouth. The newly developed programmes will also see more children re-united with their families, and where this is not possible, be housed in development centres where they can try and find there feet. Hopefully more countries across the globe will follow South Africa’s lead and step up their fight against child poverty…

100 million children on the world’s streets are praying for it

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UNICEF UK Royal Parks Half Marathon – 09-10-11

UNICEF UK are asking you to help them raise much needed funds for their work both at home and abroad, by joining them on one the the most picturesque half marathons in the world. The 12 mile Royal Parks Half Marathon will be taking place in London on Sunday 9th October 2011, and you too can be part of the fun if you so wish. The run itself kicks off in Hyde Park, and then takes in –

  • St James’ Park
  • Green Park
  • Kensington Gardens

whilst giving spectators and competitors magnificent views of Buckingham Place and the Houses of Parliament, as Big Ben cheers on the runners. Running in aid of UNICEF childrens charity is fun and easy to do, and until the end of June 2011 the registration fee has 50% off at just £15!

All you need to do is register and raise £550 to take part, but with UNICEF’s fundraising tips they’re sure to steer you in the right direction. You will receive a free running vest or t shirt on the day, plus there will be loads of refreshments available, and even a free massage! If you think you would like to get involved then simply click on the link below to register. There’s loads of time to get in training and raise funds, so why not sign up today and help UNICEF help the world’s children.

> > Click here to register today

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Crazy Wedding Hat Auctioned on Ebay for UNICEF UK

The royal wedding certainly caused a stir this year, and the two real stars of the show were not Wills and Kate, but Pippa Middleton and Princess Beatrice’s hat! Designed by milliner to the rich and famous, Phillip Treacy, this zany creation caused almost as big a stir as the Royal kiss on the balcony.

Being the good sport that she is, Princess Beatrice has decided to auction her royal wedding hat on bay, with the money being raised split between the UNICEF charity and Children in Crisis to help with their ongoing work with children both home and abroad.

Princess Beatrice said –

I’ve been amazed by the amount of attention that hat has attracted. It’s a wonderful opportunity to raise as much money as possible for two fantastic charities. I hope whoever wins the auction has as much fun with the hat as I have.

Philip Treacy’s creations have seen the runway for such fashion luminaries as Givenchy, Chanel and Valentino, and created the hats for the Harry Potter series of films. Another interesting fact is that I used to play football against his brother Paul, but I guess that is only interesting to me!

Director of Fundraising at UNICEF UK, Julie Weston, said –

We are thrilled that Princess Beatrice is putting all the publicity around her hat to the best possible use, raising money for the world’s most vulnerable children. We take our hat off to her for helping to change children’s lives.

The auction can be found at, and will finish on Sunday 22nd May 2011. The hat currently has 60 bids, with the current asking price at £18,400, although the postage is free! Not sure I’m be making a late move on that item, though it’s a fantastic idea to use one of the royal wedding talking points to help two of the UK’s leading childrens charities. Well done Princess Bea, but it’s got me thinking…

I wonder how much Pippa Middleton would go for on ebay?!

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UNICEF on the Frontline to Help Homeless in Ivory Coast

UNICEF charity officials are currently working on the frontline to provide aid to the hundreds and thousands of families who have had to flee their homes due to the incessant fighting in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). This video shows the first UNICEF supplies arriving to be distributed to those directly effected by the conflict which is a causing a mass exodus out of the war torn country.

UNICEF staff will now work tirelessly to tend to the thousands of people who are desperately in need of food, water, warmth and medicine. The situation is currently so dangerous, that the charity workers had to hide within their safe confines due to fear of attack. With thousands of children now without shelter, UNICEF need you support more than ever.

Their work on the front line of the world’s conflicts can only happen thanks to your generosity. If you think you could help provide funds to aid their lifesaving plight, please give generously. Thank you.

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Help David Beckham Celebrate his Birthday with a UNICEF Gift

David Beckham is asking everyone to help celebrate his birthday this year by purchasing a charity gift with UNICEF UK. His birthday, on Monday 2nd May 2011, is the perfect opportunity to help someone less fortunate than yourself by ordering a UNICEF Inspired Gift, you can even buy a football!

As a UNICEF Ambassador, David has seen how a gift as simple as a football can help to bring impoverished communities together. So why not make a difference to someone’s life today and help make a brand new start with a UNICEF Inspired Gift?

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Help Fight Child Malnutrition in Pakistan with UNICEF

UNICEF charity officials are still fighting the acute malnutrition that is affecting almost 25% off all children under the age of five in the Sindh Province in South Pakistan. Since the floods first struck in late July 2010, the crisis continues to grow as the childrens charity carry out their life saving work with the Government.

Due to a continued levels of extreme poverty combined with poor diet and sanitation, UNICEF truly have their work cut out for them in this district of the flood ravaged country. If you think you could help provide funds to aid the people of Pakistan please give generously to aid the continual work of UNICEF across the globe.

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Trek for the Children of Jordan with UNICEF UK – Register by 14-02-11

UNICEF UK has extended the registration deadline for those that want to sign up for the amazing Trek for the Children of Jordan. You can now still show interest in this once in a lifetime experience until Monday 14th February 2011, in what promises to be an amazing journey from Finan to Petra.

The trek will be taking place between 8-16th May 2011 and will be taking in all the mesmerising beauty that Jordan has to over. This is an amazing chance to not only visit one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, but also raise much needed funds to help the UNICEF children’s charity with their vital work with the children of Jordan.

To take part you will need to raise at least £2,600, with a deposit of £295. UNICEF will provide you with full support in helping you reach your target, with loads of helpful training tips too. Simply click on the link below if you fancy helping the children of Jordan and UNICEF on their journey towards a brighter future.

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