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Shelter Concern as Homeless Figures Rise

Shelter charity officials are becoming worried as new statistics show that homeless applications across the country has risen by 18% in the last 12 months. This massive increase across England features 12,830 homeless applications accepted between October and December 2011, with London showing a 36% rise in the same period.

Homeless households more than doubled across seven of London’s boroughs over the twelve months surveyed, with Hounslow rising an astounding 245%! National stats on homelessness show that almost 50,000 households were now in temporary accommodation, with the figure continuing to rise as more and more families slip into bad debt.

Chief Executive of Shelter, Campbell Robb, said –

These figures are a shocking reminder of the divide between the housing haves and have nots in this country. Amid growing economic gloom and rising unemployment, increasing numbers of ordinary families are falling victim to our housing crisis. Some may be priced out of the housing market, forced to bring up their families in a revolving door of private let after private let. Others may have to leave the areas they have always called home, driven out by the cost of housing. And for those we are hearing about in today’s figures, the worst has happened, and they have lost their home altogether. We must see radical, urgent action from Government to address our broken housing system, or thousands more families will suffer as a result.

Shelter is the UK’s leading housing and homelessness charity. They operate local solutions which work to improve the lives of both homeless and badly housed people – you can help Shelter to help those in need most.

Help Shelter with a Donation

Set up a regular monthly gift from £2 a month to help Shelter who believe that everyone should have a home. A regular gift means Shelter can plan ahead to develop their services and offer long-term help when and where it’s needed.

  • There was a 200,000 rise in UK children living in poverty last year
  • Homelessness affects children’s health, their education and their life chances
a donation from just £2 a month can give a child a future to look forward to. Please click on the link below if you would like to make a difference today.

> > Click here to donate to Shelter UK

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Architect in the House is Back for it’s Fifteen Year

Shelter UK is over the moon that the show, Architect in the House, is back, this year on TV channel ‘Home’. The show,  run by Shelter and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), brings together homeowners and locals architect for a design consultation on their property in exchange for a suggested donation of only £40. This in turn gives homeowners the chance to not only improve their property but also support the Shelter charity at the same time.

TV presenter and founder of property website ‘Tepilo’, Sarah Beeny, said –

I know how daunting it can be to embark on a home improvement project, but whatever the size and scope of your plans, consulting an architect can really add value. Whether you’re renovating a new property or want to create extra space for a growing family, architects can advise on anything from latest design trends and fixtures and fittings to finding builders to carry out the work.

This year’s coincides with the latest Shelter research that shows that one in eight homeowners are making changes to their property because they can’t afford to move. 60 per cent said that creating more space to improve their living environment was the main motivation for the changes.

Shelter’s chief executive, Campbell Robb, said –

Having a home that is safe and secure is something many of us take for granted, so it’s shocking to think that thousands of families across the country are trapped in housing that is damp, overcrowded or in disrepair. Architect in the House has been crucial in supporting Shelter’s work to ensure that no child’s future is blighted by bad housing. I hope homeowners across the country will continue to support this fantastic scheme.

If you would like to register for Architect in the House, simply click on the link below to add your name to the growing list of people who are looking for a bit of improvement inspiration.

> > Click here to register

> > Click here to make a donation to Shelter

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Cocoa Farmers Taste Success with Plan

Plan UK is over the moon with the success of their project to improve farming in the village of Ngat in Cameroon. The area has now become a training centre for the production of cocoa seedlings, helping to raise household incomes in the area and increase productivity.

In the 2007 meeting, Plan sat down with the local community to discuss the obstacles they faced in production. Although the soil in the area is fertile with lots of rainfall, agricultural productivity and school enrolment was low in the area of Ngat. So Plan came up with the initiative to implement a field school, and as a result 30 local farmers enrolled to receive training.

In collaboration with the local agricultural ministry, Plan offered advice and training on the production and marketing of cocoa, and 1,500 seedlings were provided for farmers to start their new business. So successful was the training that Ngat has now become a local model for the production of coffee and palms alongside cocoa, and is a major attraction for nearby farmers to attend and learn new techniques.

One of the farmers who took part in the project, Richard, said –

I now train the farmers who could not take part in the initial training. I am already an expert in the production of cocoa. In addition, the method that we use allows for protecting the environment.

With demonstration plots now fully established where new plant varieties and farming techniques can be tried out, the training has been as resounding success. Thanks to the hard work of Plan and the local agricultural ministry, the farmers of Ngat and beyond now how a successful platform to nurture their products and learn new techniques to increase their profitability and productivity.

Help Plan by Sponsoring a Child

You can help raise funds for Plan’s ongoing work by sponsoring a child. Currently working in some of the world’s poorest countries, Plan make long term improvements to the lives of children through working in local communities. With each sponsorship comes –

  • Welcome pack including information and pictures about your child
  • Receive at least one letter, note or drawing from your child
  • 2 Editions of World Family Magazine
  • The knowledge that you are helping a child to live their life

> > Click here to sponsor a child with Plan

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Shelter Christmas Cards Now Available

Shelter UK has just released their great selection of festive Christmas card packs. Each unique design really encapsulates a different festive image, with each card coming in a pack of 10 with prices starting at just £2.99 – that’s only 29p per card.

There’s a great selection of wonderful designs, including –

  • Majestic 3 Kings
  • Picasso Dove
  • Kings of the Orient
  • Tree of Lights
  • Star of Wonder
  • Resting Robin (pictured)

These great cards are not only a fantastic charity gift to send festive salutations this Christmas, but also a great way to help raise funds for Shelter UK. Their tireless work to help the homeless and people with housing difficulties can only continue thanks to the generous support of the genral public and their kind donations.

Help Shelter UK This Christmas

There is a number of ways to help support Shelter this festive season. Carol singing, making a donation or sending Shelter Christmas cards. By supporting Shelter, you will be making a difference to the lives of the homeless and people with housing difficulties in the UK.

Other top charity gifts

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Shelter’s House of Cards Auction Raises Over £100,000

Shelter UK recently asked a whole host of famous artists and cutting edge designers to design a ‘House of Cards’ to auction and help raise money for their charity work. Featuring designs from Vivienne Westwood, Rankin, Damien Hirst and David Bailey, the auction attracted buyers from across the globe and helped raise over £100,000 for Shelter.

Held between 24th-28th September at the Haunch of Venison gallery in London, visitors placed silent bids on the unique collection, with each piece creating offering a unique representation of their chosen playing card.

Shelter’s chief executive, Sam Younger, said –

This exhibition has enabled us to engage new audiences with our House of Cards campaign in a creative and innovative way. We’ve had a fantastic response from the public and would like to thank all the artists involved for the contributions they have made. The money raised through the auction will help Shelter continue to provide vital advice and support to the growing number of households across the country in housing need. With an estimated 65,000 homes facing repossession this year and almost 1.8 million stuck on council house waiting lists, there can be no doubt that Britain is in the midst of a housing crisis.

The final 20 pieces went to a live auction on the final night, with bids flooding in from across the globe to secure one of these once in a lifetime collectors items. There is even the chance to buy a replica pack of the final exhibited cards from Shelter.  A small amount of limited edition cards are available for £70, which come in an exclusive presentation box.

If you fancy a pack of these cards you’ll have to hurry, as there is only 1000 of these packs available to the general public, with all profits from the cards going to Shelter UK.


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Help Raise Money for Shelter UK with Cake Time

Shelter UK’s latest fund raising initiative is Cake Time, an absolutely delicious way to raise funds for people with housing difficulties. Simply bake or buy your favourite cake and share it with friends, family or colleagues, with a sponsorship donation for each tasty slice.

All you have to do is sign up to be a fundraiser and Shelter UK will send you a complimentary pack full of fantastic recipes, stickers, party invitations and posters to promote your event. Why not try out one of the many celebrity recipes to woo your guests, even the Queen of the Kitchen, Jane Asher, has added her own secret cake recipe!

Then all you have to do is invite your guests round for tea and cake between 21-27th March and ask them to make a small donation to Shelter for sharing the good fortune of having such a wonderful cook in their midst. (you could always buy a cake and pretend that you made it!)

TV Presenter, Amanda Lamb, said –

Put your worries behind you and take some time out to feed your senses. Cake Time is a great way to hone your baking skills whilst raising money for homeless and badly housed people in the UK. If you’re a bit of a novice in the kitchen and can’t tell your marzipan from your icing, you can still get involved. Anyone can do it as there are lots of scrumptious, easy to follow recipes.

So why not help Shelter UK raise funds whilst having a delightful, traditional British tea party, there’s never been a tastier way to help people in need.

> > click here to find out more about Shelter UK’s Cake Time

> > click here to make a donation to Shelter UK

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Radiohead Donate Track to Shelter UK

Super group Radiohead have agreed to donate a song to Shelter UK to be used in a forthcoming TV advert for the homeless charity. Radiohead have said they were pleased their music may help to encourage people to donate to the charity.

Radiohead said-

‘We have always been big supporters of Shelter and believe that now more than ever Shelter urgently needs help and support to keep up its vital work. Videotape’ is the perfect track to support the ad so we decided to let Shelter use it in their new ad in the hope that it will help make a real impact.’

With the housing market on the verge of collapse, Shelter UK’s resources are being stretched to the limit.

Now, more than ever, they need your help.

> > click here to make a donation to Shelter UK

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Support Shelter UK this Christmas

The Shelter UK big build up to Christmas is here and they want you can be a part of it. With the credit crunch biting the nation, Shelter will be working harder than ever to help families in desperate need to keep the roof over their heads.

The build up to Christmas is an exciting time, but not so happy for thousands of families around the UK facing the festive season in bad housing or homeless. 1.6million children will spend Christmas living below the poverty line, whilst 57,000 households in England alone will face the festive season homeless living in temporary accommodation.

Last Christmas, Shelter’s free national housing advice helpline answered an average of 101 calls each day.

The helpline will again be open over the Christmas period, as it has been for the last 10 years, to provide desperately needed support and advice.

Help Shelter UK This Christmas

There is a number of ways to help support Shelter this festive season. Carol singing, making a donation or sending Shelter Christmas cards. You can even add your company logo to our Christmas e-cards and show your clients and partners that you support Shelter, and that you are making a difference to the lives of people in difficulties.

> > click here to make a donation to Shelter UK

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Shelter Welcome Government Pledge

The Shelter charity has welcomed the Government’s pledge to tackle problems in the housing market and protect people by building more affordable homes.

Proposals to increase the exemption level for stamp duty and help first-time buyers onto the housing ladder were applauded, alongside the Governments commitment to help those who fall into arrears or are on the brink of losing their home.

The Government has pledged to invest £100m to improve the safety net for those in mortgage arrears, which could help prevent up to 10,000 repossessions. The introduction of a new mortgage rescue scheme will also help up to 6,000 vulnerable homeowners.

These changes are welcomed, but with an estimated 45,000 homeowners set to lose their property this year, this campaign will not fully avert the huge scale of the current housing crisis. Shelter intends to continue their campaign for further measures to tackle these issues and will looking out to influence the pre-budget report.

With your help, Shelter will try and support the hundreds of thousands of people priced out of the property market and the 1.6 million households stuck on council housing waiting lists.

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Help Shelter – Sign Up for their Credit Card Today

Co-operative Bank have launched a new charity credit card which will donate money to the homeless charity – Shelter.

The bank will donate £20 to the charity when first issued, and then a further 25p for every £100 spent. This money will then be put towards projects to benefit the homeless and people with housing problems, with Shelter expecting up to 2,000 people to apply for their credit card.

The Co-operative’s Shelter Bank card is the latest addition to the charity credit card family, alongside the WWF, RSPCA and the Bono organised American Express Red. All of these cards offer an initial one-off donation, with a proportion of the cash then spent on the card put back into the charity. It’s an excellent way for both banks and consumers to give something back and help a number of good causes in the process.

Another great way to help raise funds is to buy a plot of land at the virtual Shelter Build a City website. There you can pick your own bespoke vitrual property and advertise your business, or even buy one for a present for someone. This is a great place to advertise your business, whilst making a donation to help out people with homeless people and those with serious housing difficulties.

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