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Support Action Aid Work in Gambia

Action Aid UK is asking for your assistance in helping the people of Gambia, who are experiencing hunger and malnutrition due to the prolonged drought in West Africa. In the Gambia alone, over 700,000 people are struggling to find food, that’s a massive 45% of the population!

Charity officials are working hard on the ground in Gambia to provide food and water to the most vulnerable children and families, but more aid is required.
The severe drought is causing food prices to rocket, meaning that a total of almost 13 million people are facing an uncertain future. Seeds and tools have been provided to help families to prepare for the next harvest, but with the situation growing worse every day, your help is desperately required.

Country Director of ActionAid Gambia, Kujejatou Manneh, said –

Saving lives is our priority and the international community needs to scale up its response to the crisis. This is a real emergency.

Funds are needed to help to deliver supplies to those worst affected by the drought to cope with the demand for food with the hungry months ahead. Simply click on the link below to make a donation to Action Aid to pledge your help during this increasingly difficult time.

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Help Action Aid Stop New Tax Loophole

Action Aid UK is asking for your help to stop a new tax loophole that could end up costing poor countries billions. The government is planning to allow big businesses a much easier way to dodge their taxes thanks a new loophole that could cost poor countries up to £4 billion and the UK £1 billion!

The new loophole will be debated in parliament next month, and Action Aid are asking for you to make your voice heard vis your local MP. Simply click on the link at the bottom of this post to help raise your concerns and make the government change its plans.

Simply click on the link below to add your name to over 1500 others, and let’s stop this new tax loophole costing poor countries billions together.

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Action Aid Helping Flood Devastated Cambodia and Thailand

Action Aid charity officials are still working hard on the front line of the devastating flooding that still effects Thailand and Cambodia 5 months on. The flooding, the worst seen in both countries for decades, has affected nearly seven million residents as people are forced from their homes by overflowing water.

ActionAid officials have provided 36,900 people in Cambodia with –

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Water purification kits
  • Seeds
  • Livestock

Whilst in Thailand, the charity has reached over 10,000 with emergency packages. The main focus now is to help people to try and rebuild their lives by ensuring all health and sanitation needs are met. In Cambodia, the ruined rice harvest is causing continued problems through food shortages, malnutrition and of course lack of funds, as these crops were many people’s livelihoods.

ActionAid Head of Emergencies, Bijay Kumar, said –

Although the attention of the world’s media may have moved on, the misery continues, with hundreds of thousands of people still living in appalling conditions. One third of Thailand’s and two-thirds of Cambodia’s provinces have been devastated. The floods have killed hundreds of people, destroyed millions of homes and livelihoods, triggered some serious diseases and ruined the countries’ rice crops. Our work has only just begun. We are moving out of the emergency phase where we have helped people to survive the initial impact of the floods. Our next challenge is helping people rebuild their lives – this will involve long term support that will help people become more resilient to future disasters.

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A Big Thank You from Action Aid

Action Aid UK would like to say a big thank you to all the people who have supported their children’s charity in 2011. Thanks to your kind donations, Action Aid have been able to continue their tireless work across the globe to try and –

  • fight hunger
  • seek justice for women
  • give children education
  • cope with emergencies

Action Aid work in over 40 countries across the globe fighting poverty and injustice, giving hope to people where there was once none. Thanks to your kind donations, Action Aid can continue to help teachers, build wells, and lobby governments to try and ensure justice and food for everyone on the planet where humanly possible. Thank you so much for your support in 2011, and here’s to further successful campaigning in 2012.


Without your help, all these things would not be possible…

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Help Support the People of Tanzania with Action Aid

Action Aid UK is asking for your assistance in helping the people of Tanzania who have lost their village due to a British company called Sun Biofuels.

Please help bring justice for the villagers of Kisarawe in Tanzania who now do not have enough food since the company took over the land, nor have they been paid for they work they provided.

Below is a video from the Guardian newspaper which will show you what has happened to these poor people –

Action Aid are looking for just 500 people to sign up to show their support, and at the time of writing this they only need another 66 to reach their target (make that 65 as I’ve just signed myself). So if you have a couple of seconds to spare, click on the link below and leave your message of support to the village people of Kisarawe who are now banned from their own land.

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Emma Thompson Burma Report with Action Aid

Action Aid UK ambassador, award winning actress Emma Thompson, and has just returned from Burma. There the anti-poverty campaigner met with Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi alongside a wide range of political leaders as the country goes though a number of changes.

Emma travelled to Burma with her son and also ActionAid’s International Chief Executive Joanna Kerr, to check out the latest development work within the country.

Since 1962 Myanmar has had a military government, but a new president and recent elections has seen economic reforms alongside the easing of censorship

Emma, said –

I was in Burma to listen to the opinions of a very wide selection of people representing all sections of society. They were all giving me the same message which was that the story coming out of Burma had been very black and white and for good reason, but that over the last few months control has begun to relax, that the Burmese story is changing. There are difficulties and a large number of challenges, A tiny percentage of government spending has been spent on health and education for example. There are also ethnic divisions that exacerbate problems. I saw deep, wrenching poverty but felt that there is a genuine dialogue beginning to start between the people and the government. The trip left me feeling hopeful.

ActionAid has been working in Burma for eleven years, helping local governments with new schools, health services and trying to heal the peace process.

Thanks to the latest political changes, there is now new hope in Burma.

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Help Action Aid Reach the Drought Children of East Africa

Action Aid UK would like to thank everyone in their continued support in enabling them to reach thousands of the most vulnerable people affected by the droughts in East Africa. Working on the front line, Action Aid workers have been on hand to distribute much needed emergency food and water supplies, yet there is still so much more to do.

With the situation deteriorating further still, children are being forced to forget about school in favour of searching for food and water. With millions still at risk to disease and malnutrition, Action Aid are asking you to lend a helping hand to these people who are in desperate need of hope.

As you can see, the difference your kind donations are already making a massive difference to babies at an ActionAid health clinic. Yet some of the worst affected people may not see a single rain drop for another 3 months. With your help, Action Aid will be doing everything they can in this drought covered region to help children and the most vulnerable to their basic human rights…

your donations save lives.

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Jimi Mistry Visits Rwanda with Action Aid

Actor Jimi Mistry, star of hit films The Guru and East is East, has just returned from Rwanda after taking part in the Action Aid charity ‘Unforgettable Moments’ campaign. Jimi got the chance to see how child sponsorship really works and the huge difference it makes to the lives of children in Africa.

Jimi has been sponsoring a child with ActionAid for several years, and jumped at the chance to visit the children of Rwanda, as having a 10 year old daughter himself he wanted to meet children who are growing up without a mum or dad.

Jimi said –

As a dad, I want the best for my daughter, Elin. I kept telling her how excited I was about the visit, but I had no idea what to expect. I was amazed. Rwanda is a beautiful country with warm, humble and dignified people and given the genocide in 1994 what I saw is even more remarkable. ActionAid’s child sponsorship programme is part of what makes people happy because it works, not just for one child but it changes the lives of whole families and communities forever.

Jimi’s visit took him to the Mpanga Primary School which was previously at the top of a 3 mile hike up a mountain, but thanks to ActionAid’s child sponsorship scheme, it has been moved to the bottom. I wouldn’t have fancied that trek every morning. This perilous journey was made the worse by wild hunting dogs littered around the landscape

Now that the school is at the bottom of the mountain, the children and their teachers can enjoy their education without the daily stress of such a monumental challenge just to get to school!

Help Action Aid by Sponsoring a Child

The Action Aid Sponsor a Child programme is a great way to give a needy child a real chance of escaping poverty. As part of a long-term program, your continued support enables Action Aid to use your donations to build sustainable communities in partnership with the people who live there.

You can provide a child with a better future for just 50p a day – giving them a real chance of escaping poverty. You get to see and feel the difference your support makes directly, through the eyes of your sponsored child and their regular letters and photographs.

> > Click here to sponsor a child with Action Aid

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Make a Stand Against Biofuels with Action Aid

Action Aid UK are asking you to help make a stand for the poor families who are being made destitute by the level increase of the governments biofuel targets. You can make your voice heard via text, as the possibility of our biofuel usage TREBLING by 2nd June 2011…

in Africa alone, 1.1 million hectares have already been given over to biofuels!

The UK government is currently deciding whether to increase biofuels in your petrol and diesel, leaving families destitute as the the lands they farm are used to grow fuel for our cars. This very real problem will lead to many families live’s driven into hunger and poverty by this governments’ unreasonable biofuels targets.

Join Action Aid UK and help make a stand against the Department For Transport by sending a text that you want a real solution to climate change, not more biofuels. All you need to do is –

  • Type the word ACTION into a text
  • Add your message against biofuels
  • Add your first name, last name and postcode
  • Send to 82727

and join thousands of other people in texting your support to help crank up the pressure on the government during this time of change. Texts will cost your standard network rate, though their worth is priceless to safeguarding the future of some of the world’s poorest families.

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Make a Huge Difference Today with Gifts in Action

Check out the great mini film below of how your money is spent when you purchase a charity gift with Action Aid. Their Gifts in Action programme helps thousands of people across the globe, including Anh, who lives in the cold mountainous regions of Da Bac in Vietnam.

Thanks to the Action Aid charity gift programme, Anh can now visit her school in the winter months thanks to the kind donation of a coat. Something this simple doesn’t seem so important to me or you, but to people living in impoverished conditions, it means the world.

If you would like to help people like Anh, then why not purchase a charity gift with Action Aid, and for a small price make a big difference to someone’s life today?

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