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International Women’s Day 2013

Friday 8th March 2013 is International Women’s Day, a very special 24 hours for everyone to come together to celebrate the empowerment of women. It is a great day to reflect on how females are now receiving better opportunities for education and jobs, and also to help raise awareness on the gender gap that unfortunately still remains. Concern Worldwide work in tackling hunger, but believe that they cannot address extreme poverty without looking at gender inequality.

Many women across the world are still disadvantaged in terms of what they are entitled to, and their opportunities to work, study and learn. For example in Malawi, gender inequality creates a cycle of vulnerability and poverty. Our picture show Doris Malinga, who is a lead farmer in Concern’s Conservation and Agriculture programme. She has been trained to dig planting basins and prepare ‘mulch’, which helps to protect the soil from the baking sun. Thanks to her involvement, Doris and her family now have enough food to eat.

Doris said –

I harvest the crop and have enough food for my family. I also get more yield from a small piece of land and it means that I can spend more time with my family. I have so many friends who also want to try conservation agriculture, so I have been showing them what I have learnt.

Doris’ story just goes to show that change is slowly beginning to happen across the globe, as more and more women are given the chance to address their health and financial needs. As the change in attitude towards women’s participation and ability in agriculture continues, they now feel more confident in producing greater yields through support from Concern Worldwide.

Here’s hoping that more is done to invest in female farmers so they can overcome the challenges and issues that still exist around the world. Women are just as vital a part of agriculture and food production as any man, so let’s celebrate their role on Friday 8th March for International Women’s Day 2013.

If you would like to support Concern Worldwide, why not purchase a virtual charity gift for a friend or loved one from our dedicated page? Here you can find out more about their work, and how you can help provide much needed funds so they can continue to help some of the world’s poorest people.

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World AIDS Day with Concern Worldwide – 1st December 2012

Today, 34 million people are living with HIV/AIDS. World AIDS Day takes place on the 1st December 2012, bringing people together from around the world to raise awareness of the pandemic and encourage progress in prevention, treatment and care. Concern Worldwide are specialists in tackling hunger in the world’s poorest countries. As part of this work, it is vital that we simultaneously address life-threatening diseases like HIV/AIDS.

In 2011, Concern’s HIV and AIDS programmes had a positive impact on the lives of over 250,000 people directly and almost 1.2 million indirectly. We have three main approaches for our programme:

  • Raising awareness to prevent the spread of HIV and supporting people living with HIV or AIDS, and educating community members and healthcare staff.
  • Increasing access to effective care and treatment for people living with HIV or AIDS.
  • Improving outcomes for people directly affected by HIV or AIDS by ensuring that they have adequate food and income.

Sauda’s Story:

Sauda Ntakiteye, 45, lives in Nyankwi village, West Tanzania. Nine years ago she was diagnosed with HIV, and just a few years ago, Sauda was close to dying – she was missing nutritious food to support the medicine she was taking.

Thanks to Concern Tanzania’s Integrated Livelihoods Programme, Sauda was trained on how to grow vegetables. Since then Sauda has been working hard on her farm and is food secure, as well as making income from selling the surplus of her vegetables and crops.

Instantly I started to feel better, and my medicine worked. I grew strong and within a short period I was able to start farming again. I live more comfortably now and I am no longer hungry.

An important part of the support and care that individuals living with HIV/AIDS need are simple items, which help to protect their health and livelihoods.

How you can help:

  • £41 pays for a HIV Test and Counselling bringing confidential HIV testing, counselling and treatment to someone needing the chance to talk and get help.
  • £48 pays for Farmer Field School which trains up to 25 farmers in simple techniques that can stop soil erosion, harvest rainwater, improve crop yields – and grow more food for their families.

If you would like to learn more about the amazing work of Concern Worldwide or would like to choosing from their range of special gifts, you can check out our dedicated charity page and become part of the solution.

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Give a Chicken Instead of an Egg This Easter with Action Aid

Action Aid UK is asking you to give something a little different this Easter as a present. Since the dawn of time, the question that has flummoxed some of the greatest minds on the planet has been –

‘What came first, the chicken, or the egg?’

and this Easter, you can answer it in your own inimitable way! Now, everyone knows that for Easter it is traditional to give a chocolate egg to a friend or loved one, but not this year. We at Donation4Charity are drawing a line in the sand and saying, NO, you shall not receive a chocolately treat that will leave you feeling sick!

THIS Easter, why not treat a friend or a loved one to an Action Aid Gifts in Action chicken? Now, you might be sitting there thinking, what on earth am I going to do with a chicken. But this is no ordinary chicken!

No need to pluck or feed this one, as what you’ll actually be purchasing is a vital source of both nutrients and money for a family in desperate need of your help. The eggs provided by your gift of a chicken will not only provide a fantastic source of food, but can also be sold at the market to help pay for medicine and school fees.

Gladys Chiselani, from Malawi, said –

By selling eggs, I can afford to feed my family and buy clothes for my children.

With over 80 million chocolate Easter eggs being devoured across the UK every year, isn’t it possible that this money could be spent on something a little more worthwhile? Hey, I’m all up for a bit of chocolate, but the amount of money spent on 80 million Easter eggs could surely have gone on something as as opposed to violent stomach cramp!

The recipient of your charity gift will also receive the choice of a physical card or a virtual e-card that can be sent on the day, perfect for those last minute gifts.

So why not surprise someone this Easter, with a chicken, and not an egg, and help someone less fortunate than yourself to a better life…

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Celebrate This Mother’s Day With A Gift From Concern Worldwide

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world in honour of mothers and motherhood. But every day over a thousand women die from preventable causes during pregnancy and childbirth. Almost all of these happen in developing countries and most could have been prevented.

This Mother’s Day get your mum a gift with a difference. A Charity Gift can mean the difference between life and death for countless mums to be.

For a £100 Concern Worldwide can provide a local birth attendant with 20 days training. She’ll learn about health, hygiene and safer birth practices meaning more mothers and babies will live to celebrate their own Mother’s Day

But your mum won’t miss out! Concern will send you a special gift card to give to your mum telling her all about this life saving present. So visit Concern Worldwide today for a special gift that celebrates mums around the world.

> > Click here to purchase a Concern Worldwide gift

Other great charity gifts

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Concern Worldwide Celebrates 40 Years With Much Work Left To Do

As people all around the world celebrate everything that is great about the Irish, we would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the Irish charity, Concern Worldwide.

Concern Worldwide helps thousands of people every year and was started in Ireland back in 1968 working in Africa. Back then it was known as Africa concern and was established in the home of Kay and John O’Loughlin Kennedy on 19 March 1968.

In the 40 years since it was started the organisation now operates in 25 of the world’s poorest nations, helping some of the most vulnerable people by working to eradicate poverty and suffering. Concern Worldwide works with the people it tries to help by enabling them to improve their lives. The organisation shares its experience and knowledge with decision makers at the local, national and international level, as it seeks to mitigate extreme poverty.

Over 40 years Concern Worldwide has achieved much, however with an estimated 1.3 billion people still living in extreme poverty a lot remains to be done.

You can help today by buying Charity Gift from Concern

Concern Gifts are simply life changing For as little as £7 you can buy a simple, portable water filter that will help a family access safe, clean drinking water. For £23 you could help people stay warm and dry by buying blankets to support them in the aftermath of a devastating emergency.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving…

> > Click here to shop online with Concern Worldwide

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Take the Stress out of Christmas Shopping with a Concern Gift

If you’re worried that you haven’t had time to buy your loved that special something, then don’t worry, Concern Worldwide has got the perfect solution. There’s a great range of fun and quirky gifts that are perfect for every taste and budget, and every charity gift comes with an e-card that can be sent directly to the recipient and you can order right up until Christmas Day so they’re are perfect for those last minute presents!

  • For keen gardeners we’ve got Vegetable Packs at £33 which could give an HIV sufferer in Zambia the tools they need to grow nutritious and delicious vegetables to eat and sell.
  • For budding sports stars, how about Sports Equipment for just £9? Playing sport does so much for kids living in the developing world – with our help they can keep fit, learn new skills and meet new people.
  • And for those who like to snuggle up on the sofa and keep warm this winter, how about our Blankets at £23 which are a real life-line to those made homeless after an emergency?

For over 40 years Concern has been transforming the lives of the world’s poor and so whatever charity gift you buy this Christmas, you can rest assured that it will make a real and lasting difference to people living in extreme poverty.

> > Click here to order a Concern Gift

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Free Chocolates with Orders over £50 at Present Aid

Those lovely people at Present Aid are offering you lucky customers the chance to grab some free Christmas chocolates with every purchase over £50 for a limited time. These delicious ‘Devine’ treats will not only melt in the mouth, but are also Fairtrade, with the actual farmers owning  45% of their own company.

Present Aid have a great selection of charity gifts available this year, and are the perfect late present for those who were naughty, but you have decided that they are now nice! These include –

  • 16 Ducks
  • Watering Can
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Meal for 80 children
  • Plus many, more…

The final Christmas post date for Present Aid gifts has now passed, but you can still order and send an ecard directly to your chosen recipient and their card will follow in the post as soon as possible.

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts From Cows n Things

Cows ‘n’ Things is the virtual gift scheme run by the charity Age UK. This specific group is designed to help the most disadvantaged older people overseas to get the things they really need. You can buy a charity gift for a friend or loved one online in minutes, plus with the ecard they make the perfect last minute present, after all, we’ve all forgotten to add someone’s name to Santa’s list before!

There’s a great selection to choose from, including –

  • Chickens
  • School books
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Goat
  • Tools
  • Fruit Tree
  • and many more…

There’s fantastic gift ideas are not only an interesting and innovative present for someone special in your life, but also provide the funds to help older people support themselves in some of the world’s poorest countries. Whatever your purchase, Cows ‘n’ Things will ensure your that then money raised from your gift will make a difference where it’s needed most…

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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Teach a Man to Fish with Concern Worldwide

Why not help Concern Worldwide this Christmas by giving someone less fortunate the skills they need to work themselves out of poverty? Concern are determined to help transform the lives of people living in extreme circumstances across the world, and with your help they can continue their sterling efforts.

A great example of the work Concern Worldwide provide is in Chimatasha and its surrounding villages in Malawi, where they have helped a group of over 30 people dig a pond and stock it with fish. The fish are easy to maintain and breed very quickly to help provide a sustainable source of food. Plus excess fish can be sold to pay for essential items such as school uniforms, medicine and food.

You can help continue Concern’s life changing work with a charity gift, starting from as little as £7. There’s a wide range to chose from so there’s sure to be something for every taste and budget, plus each one comes with a colourful gift card to personalise.

Plus if you’ve been a bit forgetful, you can still order online and send e-cards right up to 25th December 2010, so you won’t have to eat your Christmas dinner in the dog house! And remember…

‘Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’

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On the Fifth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me …

I always thought that the fifth day was a bit of an over extravagance, after all, the 4 previous gifts of the 12 Days of Christmas, all you’d received was a selection of farmyard animals. Then 5 Gold Rings turns up, hmmmmm, what exactly were they up to last night?! Well, we at Donation4Charity were not up to any mischief, so…

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me … a Gold Bangle Set from the Cancer Research Gift Shop for just £3!!

These beautiful, rustic bangles come in a set of two, with one large and chunky whilst the other is sleek and thin. There’s loads of other great Christmas Charity Gift ideas available from the Cancer Research Uk store, plus –

  • 10% off all orders by entering the voucher code –’10TGN0017′ at the checkout PLUS free delivery for orders over £50. Offer ends 31/12/10.
  • Great gifts from as little as £0.49
  • Christmas cards, gift wrap, Christmas crackers, gifts for him, her and kids, second hand clothes and much, much more
  • Gift wrapping service

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