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FREE Online Payments for Charities with the Payment Network

The Payment Network is a German company that have recently launched their payment method in the UK. The exciting element for charities is that they offer zero transaction fees to charities when they are accepting contributions online. This means charities could save literally tens of thousands of pounds to mean that even more of you charity donation goes to those who need it most.

We spoke to James Rigby of Payment Network to find out more.

What is the benefit of for charities? offers FREE  online payments to charities. We do not charge any fees, like for example the credit card providers, which can potentially charge up to 3.5%. Because of our commitment to keep our service free, the charity will receive 100% of the donated money. We offer a secure and easy to use payment method, including full service, at no cost to charities.

Why are you doing this?
Instead of choosing the conventional way and having an advertisement agency put together an advertisement campaign for us we were thinking about a different approach. Why not grab attention and do something good at the same time? That way, not only will benefit from this, but also the charities and the donors.

Who are you?
We are an internationally growing company offering a new online payment method to our customers. was first launched in Germany, where e-payment methods are widely accepted. German speaking countries such as Switzerland and Austria followed shortly afterwards. Due to the incredible success of as well as a current growth rate of 20% per month it was just a matter of time before we were going to continue to spread out on the European market. So we established our service in the Netherlands and felt very much attracted to the British market where we have recently opened our new office in Windsor.

Moreover we are delighted to have many of the world’s leading e commerce companies as our customers.

How does it work?
Our integration team will be happy to assist and support the charities when implementing

For the donors it is even easier, all they need to do is to select their country and bank, enter their bank account number and confirm the donation by entering their online banking information in the secure payment form. Within seconds a payment confirmation is sent to the charity. There is no need to create an additional account, other passwords to remember and personal data required to register.

What does it cost? is absolutely free to charities with no hidden charges.

So 100% for free for both the charities and the donors.

Where can I find more information on
Just go online at, to register visit and a demo version can be tested on

You can also reach us by phone:  call us at 01753 752 446, or write an e-mail to

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WWF Calls for Part Rejection of EU Climate and Energy Package

The WWF UK is calling on the European Parliament to reject parts of the deal agreed by European Head’s of Government for the EU Climate and Energy Package. The agreement has been jointly condemned as a failure by the Climate Action Network Europe, Friends of the Earth Europe, Greenpeace, Oxfam and WWF.

The WWF on the European Parliament to reject the ‘Effort Sharing Law’, which sets national emission targets for sectors not included in the EU’s emissions trading scheme such as transport, buildings and agriculture. This is seen as inconsistent with the EU’s long term target of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

Head of Campaigns at WWF UK, Colin Butfield, said –

‘EU politicians may be hoping to trumpet today’s deal on climate change as a great success, but in reality this is a significant failure. Europe has essentially decided to off-set almost two thirds of its own greenhouse gas emissions, to have consumers pay for emissions permits that polluting companies will have received for free and to avoid supporting poorer countries in the fight to tackle climate change. By refusing to place a pollution limit on fossil fuel power stations as part of the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Directive, EU Heads of Government have also failed to ensure that heavily polluting power stations will no longer be part of our future and are leaving the door open for new unabated coal throughout Europe.’

The way we live in the UK is leading to environmental threats such as climate change, species extinction, deforestation, water shortages and the collapse of fisheries. WWF’s One Planet Future Campaign is working to help people live a good quality of life within the earth’s capacity.

Help WWF UK this Christmas with a Charity Gift

The WWF is a non profit organisation who can only sustain their tireless work in saving the planet and its inhabitants through donations. You can help raise funds through the WWF Adopt an Animal scheme. From as little as £3 a month you receive a certificate, a print of your animal, a greetings card, and a soft toy and would make a fantastic charity gift for a loved one this Christmas.

> > click here to adopt an Animal with WWF UK

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WWF Charity Credit Card

The WWF credit card is a fantastic way to help raise vital funds to safeguard the natural world and protect endangered species at no extra cost to you. Other donations include 40p for every £100 you spend on card purchases and £2 for every year you continue to use your card,

plus card issuer MBNA will even contribute a one off £40 donation upon opening the account.

The card offers you:

  • 0% for 12 months on balance transfers made in the first 90 days of account opening. (3% handling fee)
  • 0% for 12 months on cash transferred into your current account in the first 90 days of account opening. (3% handling fee)
  • 0% for 3 months*** on card purchases from the date your account is opened
  • Typical rate 15.9% APR (variable)
  • No annual fee
  • Up to 50 days interest free on card purchases

Though these donations may seem small they soon add up, and if just 12 new members used their card almost £500 could be raised to pay for an infrared camera to monitor tigers in Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve in Nepal. The card is available in 3 stunning designs and made from environmentally-friendly PVC-free material, so it all adds up to a great deal for you, and for the planet.

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Help Shelter – Sign Up for their Credit Card Today

Co-operative Bank have launched a new charity credit card which will donate money to the homeless charity – Shelter.

The bank will donate £20 to the charity when first issued, and then a further 25p for every £100 spent. This money will then be put towards projects to benefit the homeless and people with housing problems, with Shelter expecting up to 2,000 people to apply for their credit card.

The Co-operative’s Shelter Bank card is the latest addition to the charity credit card family, alongside the WWF, RSPCA and the Bono organised American Express Red. All of these cards offer an initial one-off donation, with a proportion of the cash then spent on the card put back into the charity. It’s an excellent way for both banks and consumers to give something back and help a number of good causes in the process.

Another great way to help raise funds is to buy a plot of land at the virtual Shelter Build a City website. There you can pick your own bespoke vitrual property and advertise your business, or even buy one for a present for someone. This is a great place to advertise your business, whilst making a donation to help out people with homeless people and those with serious housing difficulties.

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RSPCA Charity Credit Card

The RPSCA charity credit card from MBNA is a great way to help the RSPCA animal charity whilst you go about your everyday business. This includes a £20 payment to the RSPCA when you first spend on your card!

Check out the information provided from the RSPCA and MBNA below. Please note the details are correct at time of publication – (07/05/08)

  • 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 12 months from the date your account is opened (3% handling fee applies)
  • 0% p.a. on card purchases* for 3 months from the date the account is opened
  • 15.9% APR typical rate (variable)

Help relieve the suffering of animals. When you first use your card, MBNA will make a payment to RSPCA provided you apply online for your card, and make a further payment every year you continue to use your card. In addition, every time you use your RSPCA Credit Card to make a card purchase, a payment equivalent to 0.25% of the value of the purchase is made to RSPCA. And with great rates, it’s not only the animals we rescue that benefit.

* See summary box for details of how payments to the account will be allocated”

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Red letter day for Dell

Dell and Microsoft have combined forces to release a pair of laptop’s and one desktop to raise money for the Aid’s awareness charity – Red.

The charity ‘Red’, was set up by U2 singer and general man on a mission Bono. His promise is to give a percentage of profits on all things sold that are ‘Red’, to buy and distribute anti-retroviral medicine to people dying of AID’s in Africa. Current ‘Red’ products include charity credit cards like the American Express Red, along with iPods, clothing, and now 2 Dell laptops and a desktop.

Both Dell ‘Red’ products will have no extra cover charge on the same current models available. Instead, Dell will themselves be donating to the Global Fund £25 for the sale of each laptop, and £40 for the desktop, generous stuff!

The PC’s, which were part designed by Bono himself, are expected to be big sellers this year and another major contributor to the Global Funds proceeds. Having only been established since 2006, the Global Fund and ‘Red’ have already raised over £30 million worldwide.

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WWF Credit Card Voted Charity Credit Card of the Year

News has reached us that the WWF Credit Card has won the Charity Credit Card of the Year 2008 at the prestigious Card Awards. This is fantastic news for all animal lovers out there who show their support by signing up for a charity credit card. The Card Awards are organised by Card Partnerships Limited with the main focus on raising the profile of best of breed programmes in the market.

The credit card is another great way to help WWF alongside their adopt an animal programme.

WWF is just one of the MBNA Charity Credit Cards and helps it’s users to donate to charity each time they make a purchase and for each year they keep the credit card.

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