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Donate Unwanted Christmas Gifts to Oxfam UK

If you’re sat looking a pile of unwanted Christmas gifts this new year, why not donate them to an Oxfam charity shop and help raise much needed funds this 2012? I think we all get a few things that we don’t actually want/like, I know I’ve got a scarf that’s never going to be worn, so why not make the most of these brand new items and donate them to charity.

Charity shops are always running a little low on stock after the post Christmas blitz, so why not do your bit, whilst tidying the house, and raise funds to help Oxfam’s amazing work fighting poverty across the globe. Items that would be of great use to the charity include –

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Homeware
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Games

The new year is the perfect time to have a clear out at home, so why not be part of something amazing by taking your unwanted items to an Oxfam UK store. Simply click on the link below to find your nearest shop and help raise funds to keep Oxfam’s life changing projects worldwide ongoing…

remember, one man’s rubbish, is another man’s treasure.


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