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Everybody loves the Star Wars based Volkswagen adverts, right? Or maybe it’s just me, having been an avid collector of the figures back in the day, these ads were the perfect homage to my early years trying to ‘use the force’. It never really paid off for me, as even though the pen is my current weapon of choice, I reckon I would have been a dab hand with a lightsaber!

Well, Greenpeace has taken a lead from the Volkswagen idea and produced their own Star Wars related advert in an attempt to put a stop to VW’s opposition to key environmental laws. Volkswagen are currently spending millions of Euros every year to fund lobby groups to try and stop Europe increasing its commitment to reducing greenhouse gasses.

With being the biggest car company in Europe, comes great responsibility, and VW must make a change and support the planned reductions in greenhouse gasses from 20% to 30% by 2020.

If you would like to join the Greenpeace ‘rebel alliance’, simply click on the link below to add your voice in the call to turn Volkswagen away from the dark side. I just did and it literally takes 30 seconds.

It’s never too late to help lead the universe to a brighter future. If Darth Vader can change, so can VW…

> > Click here to join the Greenpeace rebellion

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Greenpeace Giving virtual gifts are a great way to show someone you care for them and the environment. Each gift idea is unique and purveys a positive message and provides much needed funds to aid Greenpeace’s worldwide campaigning.

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