Today is Thursday, September 29th 2016
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Amnesty Call for Russian Intervention in Syria

Amnesty International is asking for your help in their appeal to the Russian government to stop the atrocities in Syria. It has been nearly a year since the peaceful uprising in Syria turned to mass bloodshed, with thousands of people killed and detained for wanting to have a voice.

Russia has twice blocked international diplomatic action by the United Nations, and now is the time to tell the Russian authorities to take action to end the bloodshed. Russia has the ability to use its influence over the Syrian authorities to call a halt to the killings and allow access to humanitarian and human rights organisations and to help those in desperate need. Most importantly, Russia needs to stop the sale of arms that may be used to commit these atrocious crimes.

Please add your voices to those of other Amnesty International supporters by clicking on the link below to email the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and join the calls to end the bloodshed in Syria. I’ve just completed the form myself and it literally takes less than 30 seconds. Together we can make a difference.

> > Click here to sign petition

Help Amnesty International Today

Amnesty International are the world’s largest and most influential human rights organisation. You can help support their amazing work on the front line from as little as £5 per month, for which you will receive :

  • FREE 40 page magazine 6 times a year
  • The opportunity to make your voice heard
  • The peace of mind from knowing you are making a difference

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