Today is Friday, September 30th 2016
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Support Action Aid Work in Gambia

Action Aid UK is asking for your assistance in helping the people of Gambia, who are experiencing hunger and malnutrition due to the prolonged drought in West Africa. In the Gambia alone, over 700,000 people are struggling to find food, that’s a massive 45% of the population!

Charity officials are working hard on the ground in Gambia to provide food and water to the most vulnerable children and families, but more aid is required.
The severe drought is causing food prices to rocket, meaning that a total of almost 13 million people are facing an uncertain future. Seeds and tools have been provided to help families to prepare for the next harvest, but with the situation growing worse every day, your help is desperately required.

Country Director of ActionAid Gambia, Kujejatou Manneh, said –

Saving lives is our priority and the international community needs to scale up its response to the crisis. This is a real emergency.

Funds are needed to help to deliver supplies to those worst affected by the drought to cope with the demand for food with the hungry months ahead. Simply click on the link below to make a donation to Action Aid to pledge your help during this increasingly difficult time.

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