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NSPCC Figures Show Caller Increase Over Christmas

Figures just in from the NSPCC charity show that from Christmas Eve 2011 to January 4th 2012 there was a 19% rise in the number of calls made to Childline compared to the previous year. Over this period almost 50,000 calls were made by children looking for support over the festive season, with a quite staggering 50% increase on Christmas Day calls compared to the previous year!

14% of all of those calls were related to family problems, though there was a dramatic 103% increase in depression and mental health related counselling required this year! The one major plus of these number increases is that it shows more and more children feel comfortable contacting the NSPCC, particularly online, where the ChildLine website increased by 57% last year.

Let’s hope this number increase is a sign of more children feeling the freedom to discuss their feelings and problems with people who understand, and truly care.

Help the NSPCC Today

The NSPCC help thousands of children each year, and with your donations they can endeavour to answer more calls from children who struggle to get through on their busy phone lines.

The NSPCC children’s charity are eager to raise £50million to help expand their UK services and recruit nearly two thousand volunteers. By donating to the NSPCC you can help stop atrocities happening to children.

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