Today is Thursday, September 29th 2016
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WSPA Rescue Three More Bears in Pakistan

WSPA charity officials are pleased to announce that thankfully two of the three recently rescued bears have fully recovered from their injuries sustained whilst bear baiting. The third bear is still being kept in the quarantine as her muzzle injuries have not healed completely.

Staff at the Bioresource Research Centre are keeping a close eye on all the latest recruits, as the two recovering bears have now joined the other residents in the main enclosure of the WSPA-funded sanctuary in Balkasar. Milla and Shama are now enjoying food, exploring their new home, and are often found sitting in the grounds among the long grass. Let’s hope the third rescued bear, Lala, is able to join the other too sooner rather than later after her injuries have all healed.

Bear baiting is a disgusting and barbaric sport that needs to be stopped now. Thanks to your kind donations, WSPA  are able to rescue bears from such cruelty, and give them a safe place to live. Please continue to support WSPA and let’s end bear baiting together.

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