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WSPA Fight Against Rabies – Collars Not Cruelty

The WSPA charity is asking for your help in their global campaign to help stop the needless killing of 20 million dogs each year whilst trying to control rabies. Charity officials are asking for ‘Collars Not Cruelty’, to help governments worldwide tackle rabies in a more humane manner.

Why not show your support to the WSPA and help send out the message that the mass killing of dogs doesn’t stop rabies and that only vaccination does? WSPA will be having a virtual Red Collar dog march across the internet TODAY, Tuesday 24th January 2012, so click on the link below to join in. I’ve just done this myself, so I and my virtual dog ‘Mr. Frisky’ shall be supporting WSPA in trying to stop dogs across the world from death where vaccination would suffice.

International Campaigns Director for WSPA, Ray Mitchell, said –

Rabies poses a serious threat to both human and animal populations in many parts of the world. When confronted with the problem of this fast-spreading disease, national governments sometimes turn to what they believe is the only way to wipe out rabies: wipe out the dog population. However, a world without rabies does not have to mean a world without dogs.

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With 20 million dogs killed each year at a rate of 38 a minute, now is the time to make a stand and show these senseless deaths will not stop rabies, vaccination will.

WSPA celebrity supporter Leona Lewis, said –

I think it’s absolutely horrific that 20 million dogs are killed every year because of the fear of rabies, when there is an alternative solution. I really want to help WSPA spread the word worldwide and end the cruelty that is happening at the moment. By educating people and getting vaccinations out there, we’re not only helping dogs, but entire communities.

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