Today is Tuesday, September 27th 2016
Adopt the snow with WWF

Cows Dance with WSPA

Check out this video from the WSPA charity, which shows cows literally dancing with joy to be let out into the fields after a long winter inside. They’re calling it the ‘Cow Dance’ and it’s amazing to see the spring in their step as they get back outside together in the fresh air, and of course, amongst the delicious grass!

WSPA’s Cow Dance is aimed at raising the awareness of the general public that high welfare farming is good for –

  • The Cows
  • The Farmers
  • The Environment
  • The Consumers

Cows naturally graze and suffer from less health problems on pasture, so farmers can measure the profit from robust cows that are healthier and live longer. Yet the number of cows released into the fields is in decline as factory farming increases. Up to a third of Danish cows are now permanently housed indoors, and this trend needs to stop.

To find out more about the cow dance, simply click on the link below to show your support for WSPA today.

> > Click here for more information

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