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St Mungos – Opening Doors for Homeless People

St Mungo’s is a charity based in London and the south of England which aims to prevent rough sleeping by providing shelter and support for the homeless. With over one hundred projects currently running, St Mungo’s helps thousands of homeless people every year.

By providing homeless shelters to get people off the streets and following this through with guidance and counselling to look at the reasons for their homelessness and then treatment and rehabilitation for those with drug and alcohol addictions, St Mungo’s are making a difference.

Another aspect of St Mungo’s work is to prevent the potentially vulnerable from becoming homeless. This includes people who have undergone a life change and who find it hard to adjust to living in society – such as the recently re-homed or convicts who are due to be released from prison. This support is vital in reducing the number of people that end up living on the streets and works towards the charities aim to end homelessness .

The work of St Mungo’s could not happen without it’s team of dedicated staff and volunteers, many of whom were once homeless themselves and were helped by the charity and in-turn have opted to support future generations of homeless people.

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