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International Literacy Day 2011

What are your memories of school? Your classes? Your teachers? Your unused text books?! Most of us can look back on a decent education and are grateful for receiving one. Unfortunately not everyone gets this opportunity.

That is why last week’s International Literacy Day 2011 highlighted the importance of reading for individuals and communities all over the world. Literacy is a human right that no one should be denied, and is essential for eradicating poverty. Unfortunately many of the families that Concern Worldwide work with simply can’t afford to send their children to school.  At Concern they know how education can transform lives, which is why they work with communities on various programmes aimed at improving educational opportunities and literacy.

If you agree that everyone deserves the chance to learn to read and write, why not buy a gift to help them with their vital work? Just £10 could buy a set of text books to significantly improve a child’s education, or £66 could provide six months of training for a teacher working in the poorest communities.

These gifts will help children receive a better education for many years to come, giving them a priceless opportunity. You’ll also receive a gift card or e-card to send to your loved ones showing them the difference their gift will make.

You can help today by buying Charity Gift from Concern

Concern Gifts are simply life changing. For as little as £7 you can buy a simple, portable water filter that will help a family access safe, clean drinking water. For £23 you could help people stay warm and dry by buying blankets to support them in the aftermath of a devastating emergency.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving…

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