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Choose A Deki Microloan Gift Certificate This Mothers Days And Enjoy The Mum-tiplier Effect

Is your mother an inspiring woman whom you know helps others, and enjoys doing so? If the answer to this question is a resounding yes, then this Mother’s Day you could make two mum’s happy for the price of one with a Deki Microloan gift certificate.

What is a Deki microloan gift certificate we hear you ask, well for as little as £10, your mum can help an entrepreneurial mum from a developing country  grow her business and safeguard her family’s livelihood,  and when it’s repaid, she can withdraw, donate or invest in another. It is called the ‘Mum-tiplier’ effect.

Deki Microloan recipients tend to be developing world mothers who are faced with issues of feeding, clothing and sending their children to school, and who run small businesses, many of which are thriving. These businesses often require small investments to increase profits and create sustainable incomes. Investments could be in items as humble as a sewing machine to make clothes, or a fridge to store food and whilst relatively small, the items have a huge impact on the business and livelihood of these woman, enabling them to earn a stable income and sustain their families for many years.

If you are interested in helping a mother from the developing world create a sustainable life for herself and her family, Deki gift certificates can be emailed direct.

All your mum needs to do is simply visit and chooses an inspiring mum to invest in. She can even upload a photo and join Deki’s online lender community and regular updates enable her to see the loan’s impact first hand. Easy and ethical with maximum brownie points!

Mandie Armstrong, mother of two and Deki lender, Bristol says:

“It’s tough enough being a working mum in the UK. But it’s inspiring see the determination of these mothers working hard in developing countries to safeguard their family’s future. I love the fact that Deki helps me to not only invest in these women but also to see my loan’s impact first hand. With microloans, a little really does goes a long way. And if I can help them to help their families long-term, then that’s the perfect gift for me!”

>> You can help by buying a Deki Microloan Gift Certificate Today.

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