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After Brutal Libyan Crackdown Amnesty International UK Urges British Government To Review Foreign Police Training Policy

Amnesty International UK is urging the UK police in Northern Ireland and other parts of Britain to undertake a review of their policy of training police from Libya and Bahrain, after the regimes of both countries brutally cracked down against pro democracy protesters.

Amnesty International said that questions now surround the training methods and what is any human rights criteria were applied given Libya and Bahrain moving to violently crush internal dissent and public protests.

Amnesty International Northern Ireland programme director Patrick Corrigan said: “The PSNI [Police Service of Norhtern Ireland] has been involved in delivering training to security forces in Libya, Bahrain and other countries with atrocious human rights records.

“Given events in those countries, with the deaths of perhaps hundreds of innocent protesters at the hands of security forces, it looks as if the government’s risk-assessment system isn’t working. We need much tighter checks when training is being given to police forces with a history of human rights abuses.

“We call on the chief constable and the Northern Ireland policing board to look closely at recent events in Libya, Bahrain and other countries where they have helped to train the security forces, to ensure that much-needed lessons are learnt.

“A rigorous human rights assessment must be made before any future agreement to offer training to an overseas police force. In addition, the PSNI should carry out follow-up evaluation to ensure that any training offered results in an improvement in human rights and policing in that country.

“The Northern Ireland Policing Board should ensure that such criteria and assessments are applied to all such overseas training. In addition, we call for greater transparency around the delivery of such training, and ask that the chief constable openly declares such training in his annual report.”

Amnesty International is an international organisation whose sole objective is to help prevent human rights atrocities across the world and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated. The organisation helps people who cannot help themselves, and demands difficult answers from repressive governments.

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