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Merlin Working Hard in East Africa

Merlin charity officials are continuing their hard work in East Africa as the food crisis continues to claim thousands of lives. Take for example little Amaret, who was brought to Ladwar hospital when he was only 18 months old and weighing just 12 pounds. His mother Amekwi had already lost two children from disease and feared she may be about to lose her third as Amaret was severely ill.

Amaret was immediately given antibiotics and placed on a high nutrient and calorie diet to increase his weight. Within one week Amaret’s main symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting had stopped and within another seven days he was able to play with his mother and feed himself. His mother only earns £2 a month so she would never have been able to pay for the medicine, but staff at the Hospital had pooled their resources to ensure he receives continued treatment as Amaret still remains severely malnourished.

Amerat’s mother, Amekwi, said –

If Maureen and Echapan were not here, my child would not be alive. I see them pay so much attention to my child, now I have hope that he can survive.

Merlin charity workers are now teaching Amekwi on correct feeding practices as well as helping to enrol Amaret at the Outpatient Therapeutic Programme in the closest health facility to their home. Here Amaret’s condition will be closely monitored to ensure he grows to be the correct weight for his age.

Merlin is the UK’s leading charity in sending doctors and nurses to global emergencies and help save the lives of people effected by war, floods and earthquakes. You can help Merlin stop needless deaths across the globe by making a donation and giving the gift of life to children like Amerat.


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