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Is the Big Red Cross Bus Coming Your Way? 30 May – 18th June 2011

Keep your eyes open for the British Red Cross bus as it hits the road for a tour of the UK to highlight the amazing volunteering opportunities they have available. The bus will be hitting 18 locations across the UK between from Monday 30th May to Saturday 18th June 2011, with friendly experts on board brimming with information about what the Red Cross do to help in your area, and how you can get involved.

Then bus will be stopping somewhere new every day of the tour and will be in and around not just the length and breadth of England, but also cities in Ireland and Scotland too. Simply click on the link to find out the nearest place to you via Google Maps.

Head of volunteering, Maryanne Burton, said –

Our first bus tour last year was a great success, so we decided to take the opportunity again to promote our services directly to members of the public. It’s always great to see how impressed people are – and keen to get involved – once we go out into town centres and show them what we do.

The bus itself will feature 4 ‘zones’ including health & social care, event first aid, emergency response and retail. If you have a few spare hours free a week and are interested in how you can get involved, why not pop along to your nearest location and find out more.

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