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Ebay Unwanted Presents with Centrepoint and Give the Homeless Hope

The Centrepoint charity are asking you to donate any of your unwanted Christmas presents to their special ebay page. With over a quarter of a million people putting gifts up for sale each year, up to two million unwanted presents are listed on the trading website by December 27th each year!

Centrepoint’s page on eBay is specifically for your unwanted Christmas presents, and allows the seller to donate as much or as little of their sale to the charity. You can choose between 10-100% of your profit to go towards helping homeless young people towards a brighter future, and lets face it, we all have a few unwanted gifts, still in the packaging, still lying around.

Centrepoint Chief Executive, Seyi Obakin, said:

Selling unwanted gifts on eBay to someone who actually wants them, and in the process helping someone who is genuinely in need is a great concept. The money raised will make an enormous impact on the work Centrepoint does, helping to give homeless young people a future by providing a safe home and the vital support to turn their lives around.

All you need to do is click on the link below to donate any unwanted presents that you have to the special Centrepoint page to start making a difference today.


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