Today is Saturday, September 24th 2016
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Support World Vision ‘When I Grow Up’ Campaign

World Vision UK is asking for your help and support their latest campaign, ‘When I Grow Up’. With up 3.5 million children dying from under nutrition every year, children across the globe deserve a chance sow something more in their lives.

Children in developed countries have the chance to dream about a real future when they grow up, whether it is to be a doctor, a footballer, or even an astronaut! Yet many children in poverty stricken countries never get the chance to live their dreams. In South Sudan, a 15 year old girl has a higher chance of dying in child birth than completing school, so the chances of reaching their full potential is bleak.

Simply click on the link below to add your name to ask the British government how they plan to reduce malnutrition and give all children across the globe a better chance in life. Let them have a chance to dream of what they can be when they grow up…

> > Click here to sign World Vision petition

Help World Vision by sponsoring a child

The World Vision Sponsor a Child programme is a great way to give a needy child a real chance of escaping poverty. As part of a long-term program, your continued support enables World Vision to use your donations to build sustainable communities in partnership with the people who live there.

You can provide a child with a better future for just 60p a day – giving them a real chance of escaping poverty. You get to see and feel the difference your support makes directly, through the eyes of your sponsored child and their regular letters and photographs.

> > Click here to sponsor a child with World Vision UK

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