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WWF Concern at Madagascan Creatures Under Threat

WWF charity officials are voicing their concerns as the political deadlock in Madagascar threatens the unique animals found on the island. More than 600 new species have been discovered there since 1999, but many of these animals are now under threat, mostly due to the deforestation of their habitat.

Madagascar’s rain forests are home to a great deal of precious rosewood and other timber, which were torn down during the 2009 political coup. During this time of political upheaval, there was also reports of a huge increase in the illegal hunting of lemurs, with the poaching of other threatened animals also rampant.

WWF’s Madagascar-based regional director, Richard Hughes, said –

We as a species, the human race, we don’t understand the complexities of the natural world around us. We people are the one species with the most power to destroy or protect what’s there.

WWF are calling on the international donors who have cut all but humanitarian aid to Madagascar, to resume support for the many environmental projects that are taking place. With new species being constantly discovered on the island, the wildlife deserves the help of humans to perceiver during the political de stability.

Funds do not need to passed through government officials but directly to private development groups who can ensure the money is used in the proper way. Though WWF have continued to work with government officials to try and expand protected areas, this is becoming more and more difficult as the Madagascan economy  deteriorates. If something is not put into place soon, new undiscovered species of animals and plants will remain that way, will little or no chance of survival against the humans that continue to destroy their habitats for personal gain.

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