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WWF Astounded at 1000 New Species Found in Guinea

WWF charity officials are stunned to discover over 1000 new species of animal isince their work began on the island of New Guinea in 1998. The findings, at a rate of 2 new species a week, include fanged frogs, blind snake and river sharks. Not sure I’d want to meet any of these animals to be fair!

These are just 3 of the 1,000 exciting new species recently found in the area of New Guinea, which is divided between Indonesia in the west and Papua New Guinea to the east. This exquisite area of land has one of the world’s most stunning ecosystems, with the third biggest rainforest on the planet. The amazing thing about this is that although it only covers only 0.5% of the Earth’s landmass, it houses up to 8% of the world’s animal species!

The 1,060 species discovered over the last 10 years could only be the beginning of the treasures to be revealed, and only scratch the surface of the area’s amazing ecosystem. With many more species still out their waiting to be discovered, watch this space for more details of these amazing discoveries.

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