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Adopt the snow with WWF

Win £5000 and Help Protect the Orang-utan with WWF

WWF UK is holding a super spring raffle in aid of the endangered Orang-utan, with a top prize of a whopping £5000! Every raffle ticket bought or sold will help safeguard the future of these fascinating creatures, as WWF fight to save their future on the planet.

In the last 60 years orang-utan numbers have halved, and they are now only confined to the rapidly diminishing forests of just two islands, Sumatra and Borneo. Orang-utans once populated areas all the way from southern China to the island of Java, but with almost 50% of packaged supermarket goods now containing palm oil, the world’s demand is now seeing a great deal of illegal logging, even in protected areas.

Simply click on the link below to find out how you can purchase tickets, or even help sell them. There’s even a special ‘super sellers’ draw which will net the winner an extra £500!

Closing date is Monday 27th June 2011 for ticket purchasing, with the draw due on Monday 11th July 2011. So why not help the Orang-utan’s fight for survival and give yourself a chance to win £5000, it’s all for a good cause and will help WWF tackle one of the biggest environmental challenges on the planet.

> > Click here to purchase Spring raffle tickets

Adopt an Orang-utan with WWF UK

The WWF is a non profit organisation who can only sustain their tireless work in saving the planet and its inhabitants through donations. You can help raise funds through the WWF Adopt an Orang-utan scheme.

From as little as £3 a month you receive a certificate, a print of your animal, a greetings card, and a soft toy that would make a fantastic charity gift for a loved one.

> > Click here to Adopt an Orang-utan with WWF UK

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