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Adopt the snow with WWF

The WWF Celebrates 50 Years And Earth Hour This March

Mar 21 2011

The WWF’s Earth Hour is held every year during the month of March. Earth Hour is when people across the world come together to turn their lights off for a single hour at 8:30 PM on March 26th to show government’s around the world their concern for climate change. The WWF has a series of high profile black outs across the UK and if you are interested in getting involved you should check out the WWF UK website.

The WWF is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this month with the launch of ‘The Panda Made Me Do It’ campaign, and as part of the celebration, the WWF is going to send some hugely collectable WWF goodies to first person who sends them a photo of themselves next to one of the giant panda posters that are being used to advertise the campaign.

For as little as £3.00 a month you could help protect an animal or even a whole species and their habitat, by adopting an animal. The WWF lets you choose from as many as ten different animals, which once you choose to adopt an animal, makes the perfect charity gift, since the animal adoption also comes with a gift pack and cuddly toy. So start today and adopt an animal through the WWF.

> > Click here to register for Earth Hour 2011

Adopt a Tiger with WWF UK

The WWF is a non profit organisation who can only sustain their tireless work in saving the planet and its inhabitants through donations. You can help raise funds through the WWF Adopt a Tiger scheme.

From as little as £3 a month you receive a certificate, a print of your animal, a greetings card, and a soft toy that would make a fantastic charity gift for a loved one.

> > Click here to Adopt an Tiger with WWF UK

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