Today is Wednesday, September 28th 2016
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Support WSPA at 2012 Earth Summit

WSPA charity officials are asking for you to add your voice to theirs, and asking David Cameron to improve the welfare of farm animals across the globe. Mr Cameron will be representing the UK at next year’s Earth Summit 2012 meeting, where the planet’s future will be discussed by world leaders. Held in Rio, Brazil, this will be the perfect chance to demand a change in world farming.

With low standards of welfare in farming causing needless suffering for animals and a negative effect on the environment, now is the time to stand up and be counted and help make a difference. In just a few weeks’ time, a number of delegates from the UK will attend meetings to decide which issues will be debated at the 2012 Earth Summit in Rio, making now the time to convince our Government to put the welfare of farm animals on that agenda.

Simply click on the link below to join WSPA in e-mailing David Cameron to let him know you want the British Government to put the welfare of farm animals on the agenda for the UN 2012 Earth Summit in Rio. So far 1461 people have joined, and it only takes a second (I’ve just it myself). Help try and convince the UK Government that animal friendly farming is better for animals, people and the planet.

> > Click here to email David Cameron

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