Today is Sunday, September 25th 2016
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Trace the Tax with Christian Aid UK

Christian Aid UK is calling for your support to ask why poor nations are currently missing out on an estimated $160bn in tax revenue because unscrupulous corporations hide their financial transactions. Due to a global culture of financial secrecy, many countries are losing more money in tax revenue that could be spent on health and education, than the international aid they receive.

This ‘missing’ money could help bring millions of people out of poverty and help pay for the basics that many poorer people struggle to obtain.

Spokesperson for Christian Aid partner INESC in Brazil, Eliana Graça, said –

It’s a question of justice. If a company is in a country and uses its human and natural resources, it’s only fair that part of the fruit of that labour should stay in that country – that the company should give something back.

Why not show your support to Christian Aid’s call for greater financial transparency that will help end tax dodging. Simply click on the link below to sign up and help poor countries and their citizens trace the taxes they’re owed sooner rather than later.

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