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Hoppy Christmas from Concern Worldwide!

Concern Worldwide has launched its brand new gifts website and have a great selection of brilliant new presents that would make a perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in your life.

One of our favourite charity gifts is the cute rabbits which are a bargain at just £10. Rabbits are the ideal gift for that pet lover in your life, and they are also the perfect item for a poor farmer in Malawi as they just love to breed! Two rabbits can quickly multiply with their off-spring being sold to help pay for essentials such as school fees, medicine and food.

Stefano Amos is a farmer and lives in Malawi where he provides for his wife, their five children and three young relatives.  Life was really tough for him before he received two rabbits from Concern.

As he remembers –

it wasn’t always easy to buy basics such as soap and clothes. Food was scarce. Everything simply got better as soon as the rabbits arrived. Having these animals has completely changed our economic situation.

Whatever Concern Gift you buy this Christmas, you can be sure that it will make a lasting and real difference to life of people life Stefano. And every Concern Gift comes with a colourful gift card for you to personalise and send to the recipient.

But do hurry! Take advantage of our free postage and packing and order before Friday 10th December 2010 in order to receive your gift cards in time for Christmas. If you miss that deadline, don’t worry – you can still order online and send e-cards right up until Christmas Day on  25th December!

Have a very ‘Hoppy’ Christmas from Concern Worldwide!

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