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Christian Aid UK Supporter Day 20-10-10

Christian Aid UK will be holding a supported day on Wednesday 20th October 2010, where they will we be handing a letter to David Cameron to remind him of his promise that this Conservative government will be the countries greenest ever. The gathering will be held at Westminster Central Hall and Parliament and will feature iconic civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson as guest speaker.

Reverend Jackson said –

We understand that times are hard, both in the US and the UK, but we are still better off than our neighbours in the developing world. We are reminded that Jesus teaches us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and shelter the homeless. Jesus reminds us that when we feast, we should invite the poor and injured. So while we fight for jobs and peace and justice in the US and the UK, we must remember to keep hope alive for our brothers and sisters in Africa, in the Caribbean, in South Asia, and all those in need around the world.

Christian Aid will be asking the Prime Minister to demand that UN climate change talks are put back on track and back deliver a better system for the the world’s poor. Now is the time for change, as if actions are not made soon, it may be too late.

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Present Aid gifts represent a donation to Christian Aid’s life changing work in areas of poverty and crisis. So not only will you put a smile on a loved ones face, but you will also be making a big difference to families who need your help.

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