Today is Friday, September 30th 2016
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Christian Aid UK call for Climate Justice

Christian Aid UK is asking for your help to demand the government take immediate action on climate change. Across the globe there is the constant reminder of how climate change is effecting the world’s people. With the floods in Pakistan and the food crisis in Africa, climate change is truly effecting the world’s most vulnerable people, and unless something is done now, more natural disasters are imminent.

This December Caroline Spelman, the Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) will be announcing whether the government will making it mandatory for UK companies to report their carbon emissions to an agreed standard. This will force businesses to invest in a low carbon future and help the UK greatly reduce their gas emissions, the main cause behind global warming.

With natural disasters across the globe becoming more frequent and intense, now is the time for us to call on the government to make a united stand against climate change at the source, and not just through support and rehabilitation after the event. Join Christian Aid UK in calling on Caroline Spelman to ensure we know the true carbon footprint of the UK, and that an effort is being made to genuinely reduce the countries emissions…

your voices need to be heard.

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