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CentrePoint – Helping the Homeless Since 1969

The Centrepoint charity has been providing homeless people across the UK with shelter and support for over 40 years. Started in 1969 by Ken Leech, then vicar of St Anne’s church in Soho London, Centrepoint began when Mr. Leech turned the basement into a temporary shelter for the large amount of homeless who slept rough in the surrounding area.

Things have certainly changed since those early days, with Centrepoint now offering a wide range of services to up to 825 people a day at one of their 33 service centres across the UK. Not only do they provide over 290,000 nights of homeless accommodation each year to those living in rough on the streets of the UK, but also offer –

  • Support and Development
  • Health Advice
  • Education and Vocational Training
  • Financial Advice
  • Help in Moving on

You can help provide the UK’s homeless with a bed for the night from as little as 40p a day, with their ‘Sponsor a Room‘ programme. Your donation will help give young people the chance to rebuild their lives for a better future, and help provide Centrepoint with the funds to give support, advice, and of course beds, to the UK’s homeless.

> > Click here to Sponsor a Room with Centrepoint

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