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Bake a Difference with Concern Worldwide – 18-24th October 2010

Concern Worldwide are looking for supporters to help them ‘Bake a Difference’ and help raise much needed funds to help their life saving work in poverty stricken communities. Set up in conjunction with National Baking Week, this new fundraising initiative will be taking place from 18-24th October 2010, and Concern hope that your delicious goodies can help them raise £100,000 in donations to help transform the lives of the world’s poorest people.

All you need to do it prepare some culinary delights and then sell them to your friends, family or colleagues to help raise funds for Concern’s work within communities living in extreme poverty. It’s free to register, and when you do you will also receive a free fundraising pack and also a great selection of free recipes to get you started. It’s completely up to you watch you charge for your baked treats, though I wouldn’t go overboard if your scones come out like cricket balls!

In the past 12 months Concern has helped over 9 million people living in poverty thanks to the work of their supporters and their fantastic donations and charity work. If you think you would like to take part in ‘Bake a Difference’ week, simply click on the link below to register today for free.

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